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  1. i decided to go with proXPN. no complaints so far.
  2. i think i've decided on going the VPN route...... yet there are a lot of services/clients out there.... is there a general consensus regarding the best one? so far i think i'm leaning to ExpressVPN.
  3. is it wise to have both IPV4 and IPV6 enabled? or should it be one or the other?
  4. yeah, i do the Fix All every month. maybe with the reinstall, something will change next month. i just worry it's not running on the proper .dll and isn't fixing many things, as it thinks it's Win8 still.
  5. hmmmmmmmmm now it's showing up in Programs and Features. whaddya mean by Scan and clean exactly? i just did a scan with PCM and nothing happened.
  6. <sigh> nope. no change. nor did it prompt to uninstall the existing install. christ, i'm having a bad day.
  7. ok, i have a problem........ it doesn't see it in add/remove programs. it simply isn't there. not in Revo, either. yet it runs fine.
  8. upgraded machine to Win10 last week....... just scanned; i was expecting to download a .dll or something. but it went as normal, and even afterwards, on the home screen, it says this machine is Windows 8. can't it tell i upgraded?
  9. yeah, it's resource intensity is an issue, but unless something else is MARKEDLY better..... i already know it so well........... p.s. is this site EVER going to work in Chrome?!
  10. one requirement is the product that removes tracking cookies i run every weekend (Norton has QuickScan - not a lot of overhead/raping of my hard drive). does webroot have something like that? and a firewall?
  11. generally, do you guys have a better opinion of Norton or Bitdefender? i'm a longtime Norton guy, but my subscription is about to expire, and i've heard great things about Bitdefender lately. BUT i tried contacting customer service and it was a complete nightmare. so i'm leaning on sticking with Norton, but... just wanted to hear some opinions from people who might've used both.
  12. who'da known. i'm an evil atheist. :Pwhere do you fall?

  13. g'night song:

    a fave.
  14. well, how bout that?


  16. BTW, Adam and Eve was already done long before in Sumerian texts (more plagiarizing), but in those, there's talk of extraterrestrials coming over and tinkering with genetic manipulation.they created E.DIN, a special place where new strains of edible crops could be developed and later implemented.eventually, after a few disasters of creating cyclops and such, Adama & Lulu (Lilith reference?) were a finished product.and yeah, Lulu ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (e.g.,...

  17. tesla! we're sorry!save us! =)

  18. y'know, after all this time.......Scrabble's scoring method still baffles me. o.O

  19. jesus :filtered: christ.......

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