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  1. k1johnny

    how do I

    That what you think Kram im just doing this to impress people. The questions that were asked were answerd except for the system specs. Tell me why you need to know my specs after i asked for help getting Suse off my HD. You dont need specs for that just the OS witch you new was VISTA.
  2. k1johnny

    how do I

    I think im done with this crap i have tried over 25 times to install a missing plug in!!!!
  3. k1johnny

    how do I

    Ok i found another hd and i am installing it on another computer in the house i will leavr it on there and play........so my question is can i remove it from this pc and if so how?
  4. k1johnny

    how do I

    Ok got the Theme stuff figured out thanks. All i need is 1 more thing for now how do i get this to fit in the screen you know what im saying its going beyond my screen and i have to pan around.
  5. k1johnny

    how do I

    I will start over sorry i just get in a hurry. Here is where i got the them from...........http://www.kde-look.org/ Azenis is the one that i was going to try out then i downloaded it and i tried to save to desktop but it wont go there for somereason. Then i tried to open it from the download folder with no luck.....
  6. k1johnny

    how do I

    KDE I know Bruce i will relax the theme is Azenis
  7. k1johnny

    how do I

    Aslo how do i get the screen to fit the monitor you know what i mean i have to put the pointer at the top or bottom of screen to see the rest of the page i messed with the resolution with no luck. Also how do i lock the tackbar at the bottom?
  8. k1johnny

    how do I

    I dont know what im doing!!!! Yes suse 11.1 when i download a theme how do i install it
  9. k1johnny

    how do I

    I have been using this for about a hour and im ready to go back to windows allready!!! how do i chage the theme i downloaded 1 and cant open it!!!!!!
  10. If i download the DVD version i can burn it to disk and install that way correct?
  11. How would this run on a, AMD Sempron Processor LE 1250 2.20Ghz 2.00gb RAM nVidia GeForce 6150SE I was reading about this from the posted link and watching Bruce's little vid and my question is the OS is free correct and i can also get the software that i need such as burning programs and what not? Also is it compatable with things i use on windows like torrent clients and what about antivirus? I have been wanting to give it a try for a few years now but i have allways been a little afraid, plus i hate windows and everything they are about.....
  12. When i got back from Chicago my computer was messed up from the storm. the little women yelled downstairs to me " The computer is running all slow and stupid up here" So i run upstairs like lighting cause i just finished building this PC 3 weeks ago. Either way after some digging around i found the sound card was half fried. It worked but was very jumpy and and used up like 95% of the power of the pc so when i tried to open any files or surf it took 5min to respond. Long story short i leave my pc on all the time and when i went to chicago to bury my father the midwest got hit by severe weater
  13. http://newsbloggers.aol.com/2007/04/17/cho-seung-huis-plays/ see the plays he wrote
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