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  1. yeah, printer and that didnt work either. I've been checking out repair costs but really, there's just no point with how expensive they are. Another family member is getting a new comuter soon and we've got a wireless internet hookup so I'll just use the network for pictures and printing. I'm also getting a new computer this august anyway.
  2. It didn't work. I'm now convinced that my USB ports are broken. Do you know of any firewire usb replacements? Like a USB hub that goes into your firewire port--or a Firewire card reader?
  3. By the way, Device manager claimed that the USB ports were working correctly.
  4. Thanks, all I got with my laptop were restore cds, nothing else. It's an HP Pavillion xf328--I think it was made in Canada. I have no clue how to find the drivers for my USB Ports and I'm not faithful that if uninstalled the current ones that Windows Update would have new ones for me. Does anyone know of any firewire USB hubs? Or Firewire card readers?
  5. They mysteriously stopped working all together. When I plug in my digital camera--Windows doesn't recognize it, nor does a program that I can also use to import pictures. I plug in my mouse--Windows doesn't recognize it. It's an HP notebook running Windows XP Home Service Pack 1. Is there a way to fix this? Is there something I'm missing? Or am I screwed? It's not possible to replace USB on a laptop is it?
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