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  1. Nevermind, just went in blind and completed the job.
  2. Need a service guide for a Toshiba satellite L305D-S5923 and Google is not being kind. Any advice? thanks, -ymk
  3. Got a laptop with Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit. Tried to set it up for RDP. I turned on all the normal remote options, and changed its ports in the registry since we have a few PCs on the network with RDP enabled. Anyway, the session will connect but reject the username/password combination. I went into advanced settings for RDP and noted that it does not show the actual user name as having permission to access the computer remotely, but instead shows a user named "Owner." How do I correct this so that the only user on the computer has her name listed? I can post screen shots if my description isn't enough info, words are not my forte. Thanks, -myk
  4. Haven't been around the Pit nearly as much as I used to... Merry Christmas from the Pit's favorite little brown man! ...and for those who choose not to celebrate Christmas (which is their right), happy or not happy religious or non-religions holiday or non-holiday of your choosing. Later, -myk
  5. It may work out. After looking over some of the videos, I explained to the client that they are just going to have to trim the video. They have full HD quality videos of their sermons at their church they want to put online... I explained that for web content, Full HD files weighing in at over 5GB is just too much. Told them to save teh full HD for DVDs and scale it down for web use.
  6. Youtube no longer has the Director account, Google Video wont allow video uploading anymore, Vimeo doesnt allow enough upload for my needs in this case.. I need to be able to upload HD video up to an hour in length. Doesnt matter if its free or paid.. I need the ability to embed a player from whatever video hosting site we choose into a website. Any recommendations? thanks, -myk
  7. No luck finding one, guess I'm just gonna have to dive in...
  8. need a little help locating a service manual for a Gateway MD2614u. Any body wanna help me Google?
  9. Its all set correctly. Its been about forty minutes since my post, and its still going. Typically when its a power management issue, the screen goes totally black, not picutre visible at all, even with a flashlight. Mind you, this has only happened once, I just installed the part earlier this monring. But when it happened, it was like the backlighting just went out for soem reason..
  10. Got a Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop, just replaced the backlight inverter on it. The screen comes on now, but after about an hour, the backlight cut off. I powered down the laptop and restarted it, now the screen is on again. What should I be checking now? Its a brand new inverter card, is it possible to have intermittently failing cathodes in the LCD, or should I check a cable or something? It was just sitting on the workbench when the screen blanked, not touched at all. And it wasnt due to power management, I could actually still see the screen with a flashlight, and the LCD was still showing. ideas? thanks, -myk
  11. that one works natively now in recent Ubuntu's, not sure about DSL though
  12. psicon

    Video Editing

    have you tried Openshot? http://www.openshotvideo.com/2008/04/features.html
  13. Disconnect all drives and peripherals, try to boot with only the CPU, one stick of ram, and the video card. It helps to narrow down what can be causing the problem.
  14. So long as we're on the topic, here's a good utility for disk imaging/cloning http://www.clonezilla.org/
  15. I agree with all that's been said about these types of unwritten policies are stupid, but I image the drives just to avoid any problems. Sometimes you gotta follow some stupid rules to get what you want. If a Windows installation is all that stands between me and getting my product replaced at the store, I'll spend the few minutes it takes to restore that image.. Can't say I like it, but its whatever.... Only had to do it once, though.
  16. What do you mean? If you image a hard drive by booting from Acronis, Ghost, or whatever utility you want to use to image, yes. I make an image of the computer without ever booting to windows at all, then format the drive and install Linux. If it needs to go back to the store or the manufacturer, I image the drive again in the current condition, then restore the factory image, start it up in Windows and make it look like I've used it with Windows for a few minutes (also to make sure the problem persists with Windows), then send it packing. Imaging is always a good idea, because typically if a laptop goes out for warranty work, it comes back minus the user's data and back to factory condition anyway. But being able to put Windows back on it eliminates a lot of hassle with the retailer and/or manufacturer and avoids crap like the OP went through.I just hate that people honestly believe that the operating system is the cause of their manufacturer's defect.
  17. I always image the hard drive of a new machine first so that if I do have a warranty concern, I just restore the factory image before sending it back.
  18. you know, I had thought this, but thought "this is too simple, there's gotta be something I'm missing"
  19. Something I been thinking about for a while but never been able to figure out the proper way to do.. For my workbench at my small office, I have a KVM setup so I can work on several PCs at once in a small area. However, I would like to "sandbox" the workbench for network isolation to prevent infections from spreading. Granted we only have one Windows system in our building, everything else is Linux or Mac, but just for the sake of prevention, I'd like some ideas on how to setup the network so that PCs on the workbench can access the internet for the sake of updates but will be completely unable to communicate with the main network. We typically run some scans and checks on systems before a network cable ever touches the computer, but just thinking out loud... any ideas? I know I can setup another router and subnet just for the workbench, but to the best of my knowledge, a crafty virus may still be able to traverse the network.. thanks, -myk
  20. That is true, provided your intended target does not have privilege to alter network settings. Which takes us right back to addressing the real issue instead of relying on the electronic babysitter. Most families seem to frown on giving a child a limited user account and securely password protecting their own
  21. I have to agree. Whenever a parent asks me about this type of thing, I do explain the technological options available to them, but also advise them that if a kid (or adult) wants to get into something, he WILL find a way. Heck, all they have to do is go to a friends house or hotel parking lot with wifi. A lot of public libraries are wide open as well. Point being, these measures should augment a good upbringing and not try to take the place of teaching your kids whatever values you want to instill in them. To many parents rely of their PC tech to put blocks in place and totally neglect their end of the deal @#!! shame, really....
  22. If they're looking primarily for some basic content filtering, look into OpenDNS. The account is free for most, and is easy to configure. Nothing is installed on any computer, you change the DNS settings in their router to point to opendns servers which handle the filtering. As long as they have a strong admin password for the router admin, this setup works great for most family settings. You can setup your own account at opendns and add as many networks as you want so you can admin each networks settings individually but under one account. Some people with porn addiction issues prefer this because it provides accountability and they are unable to bypass the settings since they don't have the account password... Hope this helps
  23. i broke down an HP Pavilion dv7-1400 series multimedia laptop this week, the client's daughter apparently spilled a glass of wine in it, frying the keyboard and jacking up the touchpad.. I was able to repair the touchpad and clean all the wine out of the chassis, but the keyboard has to be replaced. She came by while I was working on it. Its good when the client is able to see how much goes into internal laptop repair, because then they dont complain about the repair cost..
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