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  1. i controlled just now , Update gave the same error as before maybe i have to wait some day for some automatic Update from Microsoft.
  2. I hope i did it in the right way the changes you asked me because its in italian here like Edit presume it means Modifica ? and other steps seemsa bit different on my pc? So i send you what appear now : Registering files Stopping services Servizio Aggiornamenti automatici non avviato. Ulteriori informazioni sono disponibili digitando NET HELPMSG 3521. Servizio Servizio trasferimento intelligente in background non avviato. Ulteriori informazioni sono disponibili digitando NET HELPMSG 3521. Renaming SoftwareDistribution folder to OldSD Restarting services
  3. Appear in english and italian.: collegamento a Fix 914224.bat Registring Files Stopping Service Servizio aggiornamenti non avviato Ulteriore informazioni sono disponibili digitando NET HELP MSG 3521 Renaming SoftwareDistribution Folder to OldSD Nome duplicato o impossibile trovare file Restarting Services Complete _ _ Premere un tasto per continuare
  4. yes i tried the link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/914224 before because i did it with microsoft forum. I did step 1 but i didnt resolve the problem.So in case of failure i had to go on with step2 and step4 but i stopped because those steps are to difficult for me to run.So i see its not so easy to be helped because my knowlegde is rather low.
  5. I have SP3 istalled. I can only download the 2 links support.microsoft.com/mats/windows_update/ and support.microsoft.com/kb/971058 but when i try to istall them appear " occurred error. istallation PowerShell failed " What you mean with kind of Fixit tool sory i have only basic knowledge . Thanks
  6. I asked help on Micrsoft community forum and ,they sended me a link Windows Update Fixit but it gives error when i try to istall.Several scans gives no results of malware, so they advise me to reformat Pc because they think i have some deep infection in the system.Someone can give me some council pls. ps : i can not change also in istallation applications from "customised" to " Microsoft Windows" Thanks for concern.
  7. i istalled pcmatic but there is some problem ,cant do correction.

    File :PCMatic-boot.js?4419

    Line 13

    error" null è nullo o non è un oggetto

    out of memory at line : 13 ( during scan)

    Sorry i am novice.

    Thanks for help

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