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  1. I am trying to play Diablo but get the following problems 1 constant end task now 2 freezing 3 returning to desktop I usually get a box saying " data error (cyclic redundancy check) program D:diabdat.mpq which I believe means file corrupted. This is what I have done so far 1 Reinstalled the game about 5 times 2 copied and pasted from the game diabdat.mpq to the game folder in program files. 3 downloaded and installed the latest video card updates. 4 Patched from 1.08 to 1.09 unfortunately I keep getting the above problems. Any Ideas
  2. the splash screen from the above appears to be causing problems with outlook and internet express, IE I boot up then try outlook it then hangs and I have to go through the end now process, I then try to go to internet explorer and that does the same. I wait then the antispy ware splash comes then goes then i can go to express and outlook. SO how do I disable the splash screen thank you jean bloom
  3. thanks for your reply I did as you suggested and there was no means in all the folders pertaining to uninstall, there was 3 folders avira/antiver/failsafe. However i clicked setup and in the welcome box it had 2 buttons one modify, and another with a remove basket di i click the one with remove. thanks again jean bloom
  4. I do not seem to be able to uninstall avira antivir personal, not in add remove/not in start all programs ( the icon is there but there is no method to uninstall) so how do i uninstall it. thanks jean bloom
  5. thank you all for your replies have tried a load of things but nothing has worked so I guess it must be the copy protection. Jean Bloom
  6. thank you for the reply apparently it does not make any difference (except for the noise) however I will return it if I cannot get the game to start. thank you Jean Bloom
  7. I have just been given vamoire bloodlines for my birthady. I installed it but I keep getting the following box which says "cannot locate vtm bloodlines disk 1" underneath with a red cross it says "please insert vtm bloodlines disk 1 select OK and restart application" I press the Ok button but I return to the desktop. In the manual it says to go to setup.exe and try from there which I did, but it tries to un-install the game. I have sent an email to activision support but have not recieved a reply ( surpise surprise). Also disk 1 makes a whining/whirring noise disk
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