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  1. As I don't own a TV, this piece of software is very appealing to me. Probably illegal, but very appealing
  2. Ah crap, I need to renew my account. Thanks for reminding me.
  3. Yeah, I was shocked too, I thought it was gonna idle at 2 gigs.
  4. Speaking with my friend who recently finished his internship at M$, he claims that the idle RAM usage of Vista has been reduced from 1 gig to 750MB. Good for us.
  5. The sad thing is that his main form of communication with the world is through WOW.
  6. http://youtube.com/watch?v=oNhK41wd2Z4&search=gnarls Great performance! Another one, closer to the original: http://youtube.com/watch?v=aI-9QAeHP5s&amp...p;search=gnarls
  7. 1. Thanks for that. It would have been a grave error if I didn't know that beforehand. 2. Just what I thought. No overclocking for me though, 3. Thanks 4. I mentioned that my mobo is rated for PC3200 ram. It says it has 800fsb, so I guess it should be compatible with PC3200 @ 400 mhz. Once again, thanks for your help.
  8. Hey guys, just confirming a few of my suspicions about one of my older builds. I have a Sony Vaio that has 4 DIMMS. In the manual, they are required to be installed in pairs (DIMMs 1,3 and DIMMs 2,4 have to match). The computer came with 2 256MB PC2700 DDR RAM modules in slots 1,3. However, the mobo is rated for PC3200 RAM . I want to buy more RAM, more specifically, a 1 GB kit (2X512), while keeping the old RAm in place Now here are my questions: If I buy PC5300 DDR2 RAM, will it automatically operate at PC3200 speeds (assuming I remove the older 2 sticks of PC2700). Or are they completely incompatible. My research indicates that it should work out fine, but I just want confirmation. 2nd question (related to the first): If I mix speeds on unpaired DIMMS (1,3 have PC2700 and 2,4 have PC3200), will I get PC3200 performance? I highly doubt this, as the PC2700 should be my bottleneck. Also, is this safe to do (mixing speeds). 3rd question: I want to install a 1GB kit of PC5300 DDR2 RAM. Will DDR2 and DDR RAM conflict in a bad way, meaning, will it produce an error? Final question: Let's say I install the 1GB kit (PC3200 this time), and remove the PC2700 RAM. Will I gain better performance, since I will be operating at PC3200 speeds? I think this question is dependent on how much RAM I intend to use everyday. For this question, let's assume that 1GB of RAM is plenty. Then there's really no point of keeping the older PC2700 RAM in the mobo, right? But I feel bad wasting stuff . Does anyone need some RAM . Thanks for your help. I can post a pit test if these questions are mobo dependent, but I'd rather not, as I'm AFK for the whole day.
  9. Yeah, broadcast radio has been butchered. I listen to online internet radio (http://www.pandora.com), and it's great. You can customize the type of songs you want to hear, and they have a HUGE selection. Although, in my car, I still like listening to some stations, although all the extra crap makes me irritated.
  10. Yep However, just by reading the words, you don't get the same feel for the lyrics. Honestly, if you didn't put the author at the end, I wouldn't have recognized it immediately.
  11. Man, Gnarls Barkley is too good. I love this song. There's just something addictive about it, and it just grows on you. Has anyone else heard it. I heard some of the other songs from their album, and they were OK, but Crazy is the best. What songs grow on you after time?
  12. Happy Birthday Dude!! :beer: Have a great one.
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