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  1. The Medal Of Honor games are a big hit in this house. We also like Blackhawk Down & Vietcong. I had a slight addiction to Blackhawk Down online when I first got it, but it's become overrun with cheaters. My 10 & 6 year olds play all these games like old pros. They even have played Soldier Of Fortune after I used parental controls to tone it down a bit, that's a pretty graphic one. I'd say the Medal Of Honor games are definiatly our fav. I can't wait to try Rising Sun. Have fun whatever you try!
  2. Welcome to the pit Jenni! You'll have to fill us all in on your fun when your Mom's too busy in America to read about it. Just try not to burn the house down!
  3. Gosh, lil Bill my oldest son is going to be 10 in just a couple weeks. Boy time just flies! I'm saving your Happy Birthday wish until your birthday though! No sneaking early wishes allowed! Ok I give in....ya forced me into it....Happy Birthday Lil Bill!
  4. Rob, I see you also use DVD shrink. I absolutely love this program! I use DVD shrink to compress, then burn with Nero. It's so much better than the expensive DVD X copy programs. You can even copy a copy with dvd shrink. It's probably my fav program. My windows freeware, just off the top of my head- DVD shrink avg spybot adaware cookiewall cam unzip musicmatch mozilla diskeeper lite zone alarm (free version) trillian avery label designer I'm sure there's more, just can't think straight right now.
  5. I wish I'd checked my email eariler.... Rob, I'm truly sorry. I'll be praying for you and yours with all my heart. You mean a lot to me, more than you'll ever know. It just breaks my heart thinking of your loss. I'm sure Deb's life was truly blessed...she had been loved so deeply by you. Just as we love you. I'll always be there for you, V! Love & prayers, Tommy
  6. No, it's not the ways of the pit. Like V say it goes in cycles 'round here. I've been here almost 3 years and it really does. But I don't ususally get annoyed with the pit. I love most of the pitstoppers too much, I guess. That's doesn't mean I never get frustrated once in a while... when I do then I just log off for a while. Whatever's buggin me isn't going to last forever. Hell, it rarely lasts an hour. It's pretty hard to offend me anyway, I've heard it all. Why I haven't been posting as much... I've been having some major shoulder & upper back pain. Unfortunatly, sitting in front of the computer really aggrevates it, among other repetitive tasks. I just bought my sis-in-law's old laptop pretty cheap, now I can sit more comfortably and type when my shoulders acting up. The thing's slow as molasses though. But like I said I have been around, checking in and reading posts. After all I do have some moderating duties. I'll try and remember to sign in (I tend to forget sometimes) that way ya'll can see I'm here.
  7. ....speaking of favorites.... hey Volt!
  8. I know this is thread is old compared to General Discussion's busy standards, but I just stumbled on to it... I just had to say, One Cool, I'm here darlin'! I haven't been posting to much, but it doen't mean I'm not here. I still have to keep up on all my favorite pitstopppers.
  9. Normally that would be true, but the pit forums had to find a new home (twice actually). There are some people that have been here since the pit's beginning in 2000, but the earliest joined date you'll find here is Jan '03 because of the forum change. Those "founding members" look just as new as a lot of us. I think the more knowledgable members posting help balance out those more "computer challenged" member's posts. Let's just hope folks follow the good advice.
  10. Do the hardest (or most time consuming) assignment tonight, than work your way down. That way, if you still don't get it done, and your trying to rush and finish that last bit homework 5 minutes before class starts, you'll be working on the easiest part, and you might have less a chance of failing it. Plus, you'll be learning to perform under pressure. I always put off till the last minute, I work best when rushing at the last second. Getting everything done early and taking time to do it correctly, well that's just too easy. Why not make yourself sick with stress and feel completely overwhelmed? Now that's livin'! Why put off till tomorrow, what you can do today....nah.... Why do today, what I can do whenever..well maybe, if you're lucky Disclaimer: This post has been made with a hint of sarcasm, and is to be taken with a sense of humor.
  11. Angela- for a couple o' bucks you can buy a screw extractor, (usually called ez out), that might work for ya, but they can break on tough ones. A left handed drill bit will get pretty much anything out, and less likely to break. They don't cost much either and are very handy to have around, you can get those broken screws out like nothin'. Just go to a hardware store and tell 'em your problem I'm sure they can set you up. My husband just went through this working on his truck, he broke 2 ez outs and spent over an hour on it, bought a left handed drill bit, had it out in 20 seconds. This wasn't just a license place screw though, so the ez out might be enough for you, but if it breaks take it back and get the left hand drill bit. And never, ever buy a Ford for cryin' out loud! Greenbay- Let me see... oh I know, put a coat on when it's cold, take it off when it's warmer. Moon- Just stick a beer in each of 'em and you got yourself beer cozies, keep your beer cold. One for the right hand and one for the left, and it won't make one bit which is which. Anyone else need assistance?
  12. :beer: How 'bout a round for Dave and Rob! ...And all of our gator spyware hating members that help make PCPitstop great! http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/2003Oct/...31023022332.htm
  13. Farmgirl

    Need Help

    Are you saying that when you were running linux, you disconnected your windows hard drive? Or that before you got linux you only had XP? I'm having trouble understanding your post. I have winXP on my master and linux on my slave, and use grub bootloader to choose my os. No probs what so ever. If I understand correctly, your windows drive was disconnected, therefore linux would not have recognized that it was there. So it wouldn't give you the option to boot into windows. If you want to run a dual boot of winXP and Linux you need to have both drive connected, install windows first, then linux. And choose grub bootloader during your linux install. Then you'll be able to boot into, and run both with no problems. If you are just wanting to ditch linux altogether- then Bruce answered ya already- delete the linux partition. If linux is on the hard drive by itself, just format that hard drive, and you'll be linux no more.
  14. Is ther another school around you could transfer to? Might not be the easiest thing to do, but if you don't feel safe at school, I say find a new one. As you said, major fights are going on everyday, not to mention the terrifying incident today. If violence was a daily occurance at my kids school, I'd transfer them in a heartbeat. Your worries should be getting your homework done, not getting shot.
  15. 26.. Female.. West Virginia
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