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  1. I hope your havin' a great day today and feeling fine and comfy .
  2. I just passed a link to this place to my younger brother this week. When a family member or friend says tech problem , well,I pass them a link to PC Pitstop Forum. If they need a short answer I do tell them " youtube can show you how to turn your phone off" I just breezed by myself today and I saw the answer to a question I had been thinking of but had not asked yet. Thank You all for sharing your time and help with me and so many others. I'll be back be well
  3. Thank You- Reading that you folks are using some of my favorites with success on Vista is reassuring. Now I'm off to ditch the pre loaded and go with what I like. many thanks
  4. I'm pretty sure ad aware will work with Vista and most of the others like spyware blaster and ccleaner. It is one thing to be on a compatiable list- and another to being used without problems on a different os. Vista "feels " very different and I don't want too many other complications.
  5. Last week I picked up a different tower loaded with Vista Sp1 and Norton 360 trial. I lliked my xp with avg free and spybot search and destroy and other free programs. Does this stuff work with Vista SP1 ?
  6. Yeah radio, keep up the great work keeping up, but, get some sleep and don't forget to eat. Lots of the best things are worth the wait. olegin : )
  7. Me too folks. I did a pestscan last night and got the same info as Mattboy. "hkey_local_machine \software\licenses" value "{k7c0db872a3f777c0}" I did not get excited for in the past I have wasted a lot of time chasing false positives. I use AVG Free , spyware blaster, search and destroy and the msfirewall. Too many false positives with pestscan. I'm done with that. I got the real scoop right here thank you.
  8. somebody is working their butt off around here keeping the forum up and running. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. (I can't pay much tho. ) Good work Radio and all ? or is it just Radio.
  9. Thank You all, beter safe than sorry....
  10. ohh, new version Thank You much for heads up and tips. You folks are real cool kats. Great way to start the New Year.
  11. smbThis is a friendly helpful place and some fun sometimes. Bruce sent you a check I bet. Does he pay a lot? Oh and if you are confused there is a club I am starting called "Always confused and often curious" It happens a lot when I cannot get my PIT fix cause Dave broke it.
  12. I wake up confused. i think I was born like that then I get curious and I really get into it- you know what curious got the kat? I swear my most illegal activity is misquoting [you]? << see i don't know nothin'
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