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  1. Now it's open again. I haven't fiddled with anything since yesterday and it's open again. Clucking bell...
  2. An update on this for anyone who is interested... I've just installed the new version of ZA Pro - checked again out of curiosity and I'm back in 'Stealth' mode. Not a single open port. The latest update of ZA Pro seems to have done the trick. Excellent stuff, ZA.
  3. Thanks, Jacee. So in short, does this port need to be open, or is it something I should worry about?
  4. Just to spoil you for choice, here's another http://www.eusing.com/free_registry_cleane...try_cleaner.htm
  5. This port is open on my PC and apparently is "impossible to close". I've just tested my ports at GRC and the advice given was to get a firewall. I have a firewall - ZA Pro. Naturally, I'm a tad confused and would like a kind soul to give me some advice on how I can rectify this problem please. Thanks in advance.
  6. I can also recommend Avast! as it is the one I now use since getting rid of Norton.
  7. The problem started a few months ago - whilst I still had I.E.6. I was hoping it would be resolved with the installation of i.E.7. I only use I.E. for one site and that doesn't need Flash, so it's not a big deal. I just want it to work because it should, although I can cope without it. It's a strange one this.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn't work. Now I'm wondering about the two untrustworthy things I removed. I like your avatar by the way, you should get one with donkeys on.
  9. I'm sure other people have had this problem. I use Firefox as my default browser, in that, Flash works. However, when I use I.E. 7 I get little messages on web pages saying 'download the latest version of Flash'. I've installed and reinstalled Flash several times, but no change. As I use FF, this is not a desperately urgent problem, but I would like it to work - because it should. Has anyone got any ideas on how to solve this odd problem?
  10. Mine hasn't had an update for a few days now, It says there isn't an update available. That's unusual for Ewido.
  11. It seems fine today. Yesterday it just started working again, I've just turned my PC on now and I.E. launched without any drama. I've scanned for trojans and other beasts and all is well. I clicked your link, Jacee, I launched I.E. again and iexplore.exe appears on the processes list. There doesn't seem to be a problem at the moment, but I'll scan it again with everything I've got. Thanks.
  12. When I try to launch I.E. I get a pop-up from my firewall [ZoneAlarm] which say this: IE crash detection is trying to communicate with "C:\Program Files\InternetExplorer\iexplorer.exe" by opening its process. When I click on 'allow' the blank I.E. page closes. I also get that little box that comes up in Windows: 'Internet Explorer has encountered a problem...' Same with Outlook Express - that won't open either. This happened last night after I clicked on a link on a website - a good website, I've no reason to suspect it was an unsafe one. The link was to send an e-mail to the site. I restarted and both I.E. and O.E. worked. However, I've turned my PC on this afternoon and they are having the same problem again. I actually use Firefox as my main browser, but I do use I.E. for one site which won't tolerate FF at all. Can anyone offer any advice to help me sort this out please? As usual I'm clueless. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the link... I ran this on my PC this afternoon, it got so far [with the deep scan] and then stopped when it couldn't get access to a ZoneAlarm file. The quick scan works, but the smart scan stopped when it reached the ZA file too. That said, it did find a couple of minor beasties, traceroutes or something like that? Anyway, all clean now. Despite the 'wall of security' on my PC, crappy stuff still gets in.
  14. Try this one, Sputnik 7. I haven't been there for a while, but they might have what you're after. Also, try LAUNCH from Yahoo!.
  15. Another update, WP is one of my favoutire pieces of software, thanks, Bill.
  16. I've had this problem with WMP 10 too. Nothing more than a restart has sorted it out for me.
  17. Everything seems fine, I'm not having any problems - system is running normally (as far as I can tell). Ewido didn't reveal anything a2 didn't either [i ran that last week]. Sometimes when I go through the processes, one or two will stand out for one reason or another, I thought I'd got used to recognising them all, but obviously not. Thanks for the replies; my concerns have now gone.
  18. I did actually state in my post that both were also recognised as MS processes. I've just scanned with Ewido and nothing was found.
  19. I have these exes' runnig on my PC: csrss.exe and smss.exe - I checked them with Process Library and they say that both are legit processes. However, they also say this of the smss.exe is: "smss.exe is also a process which is registered as the Win32.Ladex.a Trojan. This Trojan allows attackers to access your computer, stealing passwords and personal data. It is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately". It also says this about the csrss.exe: "csrss.exe is also process which is registered as the [email protected] worm, the W32.Webus Trojan, Win32.Ladex.a and more. This virus is distributed via the Internet through e-mail and comes in the form of an e-mail message, in the hopes that you open it’s hostile attachment. The worm has it’s own SMTP engine which means it gathers E-mails from your local computer and re-distributes itself. In worst cases this worm can allow attackers to access your computer, stealing passwords and personal data. It is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately". On the Processes list, the smss.exe is running under SYSTEM and using 372k - the csrss.exe is also running under SYSTEM and using 3,896k. So, how do I know if they are a security exploit or legit MS processes? I'm just going to give my PC a scan with Ewido.
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