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  1. Well, I tried Dial-A-Fix and it didn't work. In fact, I've now got a little red shield, too; when I click on it, it takes me to the Security Centre and tells me my AV might be out-of-date. It isn't. I'm even more delighted now.
  2. My PC is annoying me today, it won't install a Microsoft update. A big bunch of updates came in last week, but one refuses to install. I click 'Install' and when it's done, it doesn't ask to reboot, so I click 'Close' and think all is well. It isn't; the little yellow shield pops up and tells me 'updates are read to install'. I do it again - I reboot and still the little devil won't install. The update is: KB952069 - it's a security update for WXP SP3. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might resolve this please? (Or should I just buy a Mac when I replace this early next
  3. Ah, that would appear to be the problem. Thanks, lurkingatu2. Adamsappleone; you are of course, correct. I was in a bit of a hurry when I started this thread yesterday and wrote down a load of garbage about 5.0. I am indeed using I'll have a fiddle around with Spybot and see if I can get SpywareBlaster to work. Thank you all, for your replies. Edit: All sorted out, now. Decided to update S&D before I messed about with anything and the problem is now gone. Thanks again, all (especially lurkingatu2)
  4. Anyone else having a problem with these two? When I launch SpywareBlaster 4.0, it happily loads the definitions for IE, but when I try to enable the protection for Firefox 5.0 against tracking cookies, I get a dialogue box which reads: Error: access violation at 0x005F71FC (tried to read from 0x07DA04C4), program terminated I even installed and reinstalled again today, but the problem persists. 10041 items in the database are protecting my PC, none of them, it would seem, from Firefox-based threats. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. I'm having the same problem - 45 seconds to load and that's after my PC makes a juddering sound - similar to the one it made when I used a floppy disk. Once updates are downloaded it goes a bit funny too and immunising isn't as straight forward as you would expect - it often needs two or three attempts to immunise everything. Considering I use Firefox and scan with AVG Anti-Spyware and MS Defender(and ZA has a spyware scanner too) I'm beginning to wonder what the point is in having Spybot. I've already installed Ad-Aware as that just seems rather limp these days.
  6. I'd stick with Firefox; I'd rather use I.E. than Opera
  7. Is Windows Media Player 11 any good? I'm not that keen on downloading it without a few views from people who already have it.
  8. I've just managed to update it. I did that before reading that I should download the new version, 7.5. No idea how I missed this. Just downloaded the new version and after a mammoth update, it's now performing it's first scan. I like the fact that this version seems to update itself automatically. Thanks for the info, Juliet and 8210GUY.
  9. Ah, so it is their fault and not our fault. Thanks for that, Mr D.
  10. Anybody else having a problem updating Ewido? I've been unable to do so since the 1st December. "Server not ready to serve", is the message I get.
  11. Nope, I.E. is just not having it despite the fact that I go to the Adobe site and it tells me it has successfully installed. Shockwave is showing in 'Add remove programs' but no Flash. Another example: On the MTV site, http://www.mtv.co.uk/ I can see the bit where it says 'Latest' on the right near the top in Firefox, in I.E. it says, You are seeing this message because you do not have the required version of the Flash plugin installed.Click here to download. To add to the confusion, if I go to this page and click on 'Watch today's MTV News bulletins...' I can't see the video wi
  12. Thanks for the replies. I had Macromedia Shockwave Player and I removed that last night, now I have Adobe Shockwave Player. Is that the same thing? (Yes, I really am this clueless!) EDIT: maybe this example will help: on this page, http://allsaintsofficial.com/ the video plays in Firefox, but not if I open thew page in I.E. Thanks kd5 for that tip about updating things in the Downloaded Program Files, when I was in there I noticed two things were 'damaged' - updated them and now they are both fixed. :beer:
  13. Thanks for the replies... The problem remains: I can't actually find the old one to uninstall it and when I try to install the new one, it tells me it has successfully installed... yet it hasn't.
  14. I'm a bit stuck, I keep getting little promps from websites telling me to update Flash, yet when I try to it just won't install. I wondered if it was because I kept refusing to take the Yahoo! toolbar, so I ticked the box to install that - that did install, but still the Flash won't work. It seems - as far as I can tell to be OK for Firefox, but not I.E. Is there something really obvious I'm missing, or are 'terrible things' afoot in my PC? Grateful for any help, thanks.
  15. I use both. O & O gets first crack at my fragmented files and then I use Diskeeper Lite Version: 7.0.418.0 to tidy up the little bits it misses. O & O works fine on XP too.
  16. Overall people seem rather underwhelmed by this new software. I've currently got MS disabled and only use it to scan. I think I'll leave it.
  17. Free of paid for - doesn't matter. I'm using a paid for version of ZA and the free version of Avast!. My web shield is set to ask in all sections and to my knowledge has never asked to be let out and play.
  18. I allow mine access. To unblock it, open ZA, select Program Control and look through the list of programs until you find Generic Host Process. Click on it in the Access column. You'll get three options: Allow - Block - Ask. You can either click Allow or Ask. That's down to your discretion. Mine is allowed access to the trusted zone and internet. It's also allowed access as trusted in the server section. When at first I blocked it, it kept on asking, I allowed it without any problems.
  19. That's odd, I use ZA Pro and Avast! and didn't get get asked to disable anything to avoid a conflict. "i keep getting generic host process for win32 services" That's OK by the way.
  20. 'Sunny afternoon' by The Kinks. It's actually a rather cold evening... Actually, that's just finished and now it's 'America: what time is love' by The KLF.
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