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  1. Fault fixed thanks to the guys at the help desk! OverDrive, PC Matic and Disk MD were unable to carry out disk fragmentation tests due to a faulty hiberfil.sys file. This also manifested itself in the control panel power option facility, making it impossible to enable hibernation. Cure; locate the hiberfil.sys file (a hidden system file, mine was in C:\) and simply delete it. If Windows needs it, it will make a new one.
  2. I think the guys at the help desk have abandoned me! I've heard nothing for more than 24 hours. I've tried three different testers on my hard drive, they all report a good drive, so I don't think there is anything physically wrong with it. It seems that OverDrive is just not seeing my hard drive at all. How does OverDrive gain access to the drive to check the fragmentation, does it use the XP defragger analyse function? I did have trouble a few weeks ago with the defragmenter not working, and had to re-install it, could this be a clue?
  3. I have opened a ticket and have a saved log file.
  4. Where do I go on that site to get a ticket?
  5. When I look at the "Disk SMART Status" on the OverDrive test results, it tells me that the disk interface is SCSI, is that correct? Shouldn't it be IDE?
  6. I skipped the fragmentation and PC Matic completed. Nothing to do with the disk was tested, but everything else was.
  7. Gets as far as the fragmentation test and stops! Shall I skip and see what else happens?
  8. Seagate/Maxtor SeaTools for Windows drive tester. S.M.A.R.T. check - Pass, Long Drive Self Test - Pass, Long Generic test - Pass. Disk MD still gets stuck at 50%! Could a faulty IDE ribbon cable cause Disk MD and OverDrive to fail, but not show up on the other disk testers?
  9. I checked the Windows XP-software updates, and the first one on the list, Security Update for Windows XP (KB 913433) has no date next to it. The second update on the list is dated 24/5/2006.
  10. Just noticed that OverDrive is missing the "Last Windows Update" test as well! Windows Update is set to "automatic every day" and is up to date.
  11. I did all the things you suggested and the result is just the same, OverDrive won't test my hard drive and DiskMD gets stuck at 50%.
  12. I fixed the issue with the 3D video by adding a graphics card so it is just the issue with the hard drive now. Here is the link to my test results http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=24135994&report=Summary
  13. When I run Disk MD it gets as far as "We're analyzing ! scanning.... 50.00% complete" , the clock continues to run but the scanning goes no further.
  14. Tried native and non-native defraggers, still no test. I also tried un-installing and re-installing the disk drive and IDE controller drivers, but OverDrive still won't test my hard drive. I have run 'Geeksnerds Drive Check' on my hard drive and it passes.
  15. Thanks for the explanation as to why the 3D test is missing. I tried all the things you said for the disk test but it is still missing it.
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