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  1. This forum seems to have two sides to it. Some things done by certain members are acceptable, but if done by others, aren't. The Pit has changed. It was never like this before. I have a whole laundry list of reasons why I don't care for this place anymore. The whole atmosphere is different now. That is why I haven't been around as much. It all changed for me the moment Ax Slinger accused me of things I never did nor said, then locked the thread. Dave was gracious enough to unlock it, so I posted a rebuttal to Ax calling him on his falsehoods. He never replied. Way to admin a forum. O
  2. Well, if you didn't post the link across the net, and only shared it with a few each day....
  3. Sk8 idles at gamesnet.net #95th_scrim and #hix Anyone play Day of Defeat?
  4. I know, you also posted it at http://www.skate-bulletin-board.com/ and http://www.amdforums.com/showthread.php and http://www.omcboston.com/index.php and http://anythingforums.com/forums/index.php and http://www.zoneforums.com/forums/index.php and http://txf1.jktf.com/forums/.... Really, I'm suprised you only went through 1 gig...
  5. Thanks. When I saw this thread, I was like o crap! Checked my stats and sure enough.....
  6. Torrey, this is what I meant about flaming my bandwidth. You chewed through over 1 GB of bandwidth yesterday. I would recommend taking down the file, before I take down your account.
  7. Throttle your upload back, you're probably saturating your upstream which will cause problems with your downstream.
  8. About 2 nights ago, I watched it but it was on Discovery
  9. Caching gimmick is right. If you read the fine print in those ads, it says does not speed up file transfers etc., only web browsing is accelerated.
  10. LilBill, it is impossible to do a prequal without your phone number. I can tell you right now there is DSL at every CO in Ocean County; as long as you're not too far you should be able to get service. But I can't tell what CO you have service from and how far you are without your phone number.
  11. Like I said, I live in a fairly big city, The city of Erie has over 100,000 residents, the 3rd largest city in the 5th most populous state...
  12. I don't live in a small town at all, Erie is the 3rd largest city in Pennsylvania in a county of almost 300,000 people.
  13. Zman


    Never before was I saddened so much by the loss of someone I never met face to face. He was an asset to the Pit. Has anyone heard from Peggy lately? I hope she is doing well.
  14. I've seen this list reposted across the net sooo many times, and I can't understand it. You can still purchase 1-3 here, 4+5 still exist here, 7 we had a party line when I was a kid, 9 what kid didn't have one?, 14 Use to listen to them all the time, 17 we had those too, 18 always had them in school, 19 you still can buy them, 23 there's 3 around here. I'm 24 years old.
  15. There is a BIOS flash jumper on the motherboard that needs to be switched/removed before you can flash. Check your manual.
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