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  1. Thanks guys, I know I am a little late to the party, but better late than never. Of course I see Humbluemoon on facebook all the time.
  2. Bruce


    I haven't been here for a long time, so I guess I contributed to what I see. The forum just is not what it used to be. Way back in 2003 I found this forum and watched as it changed, morphed and grew to be one of the best places on the internet. I met so many wonderful people here over the years. I just popped in to see how things were going and it would seem many people have left, lost interest, or moved on to other platforms of communication. I must admit I lost interest in many of the computer related things I used to do and enjoy. While it saddens me to see the decline, it also warms my heart to pop in and see folks from years ago still here and helping others. I may not be a regular here but I will try and pop in occasionally to say hi.
  3. That was back in 1986. Just a 24 year old kid lol
  4. As far NW as I have ever been is yuba county in northern cal. Rode all the way out there from massachusetts on route 80
  5. I have not talked to Terry in years now. Used to really enjoy chatting with him.
  6. Texas to the PNW, that must have been a culture shock lol
  7. I still run the DPW in my town. Re-Elected twice after the initial election. Just about 9 years now, (three year terms). The official title is Road Commissioner. My wife Sue is doing well, she is the Town tax assessor, and part time waitress/bartender at our local tavern. So we both work within a 2 minute drive. Needless to say she is an angel being married to me fir 37 years now.
  8. Got it, thank you tx, I am logged back in. I'll message Rob just to say HEY! Haven't spoken to him in years.
  9. It is actually a common problem, so common MS has a fix it for it, that sometimes workd and sometimes doesn't. I have had this issue before, and it is hit or miss whether or not it will just start working or not.
  10. Bruce

    i'm jealous

    I banged my head this morning. It hurt like hell. I hope to do it again tomorrow
  11. Wax on Wax Off...................
  12. Bruce

    i'm jealous

    You put a cheap Nvidia card in it. Then a year from now, when Intel does something about their cnstant late driver issues you can go back to the on board junk. I have experienced most of what you are describing, I too thought the new plazma, dolphin, or KDE were at fault, when I installed the proper nvidia and or AMD drivers all issues went away and it ran like a champ. Then I test installed on a two year old laptop with intel, and a five year old desktop with intel and all was fine, as the older intel chips are well supported. When drivers were good the desktop behaved, when using the built in kernel drivers, things were bad.
  13. Bruce

    i'm jealous

    it is the video drivers Terry. It's that simple it really is.
  14. Bruce

    i'm jealous

    I have packman libdvdcss non-oss That is all I use for any computer. My boot times are faster than 13.2
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