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  1. It is actually a common problem, so common MS has a fix it for it, that sometimes workd and sometimes doesn't. I have had this issue before, and it is hit or miss whether or not it will just start working or not.
  2. Bruce

    i'm jealous

    I banged my head this morning. It hurt like hell. I hope to do it again tomorrow
  3. Wax on Wax Off...................
  4. Bruce

    i'm jealous

    You put a cheap Nvidia card in it. Then a year from now, when Intel does something about their cnstant late driver issues you can go back to the on board junk. I have experienced most of what you are describing, I too thought the new plazma, dolphin, or KDE were at fault, when I installed the proper nvidia and or AMD drivers all issues went away and it ran like a champ. Then I test installed on a two year old laptop with intel, and a five year old desktop with intel and all was fine, as the older intel chips are well supported. When drivers were good the desktop behaved, when using the built in kernel drivers, things were bad.
  5. Bruce

    i'm jealous

    it is the video drivers Terry. It's that simple it really is.
  6. Bruce

    i'm jealous

    I have packman libdvdcss non-oss That is all I use for any computer. My boot times are faster than 13.2
  7. Bruce

    i'm jealous

    You are indeed simply experiencing graphics problems. Going to 13.2 would likely be even worse. You need at least Linux kernel v4.3 to get support for a Skylake CPU, at least if you use built-in Intel graphics. You can add the stable kernel repo, and install kernel 4.4 in leap. http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Kernel:/stable/standard/
  8. Bruce

    i'm jealous

    It is a great OS Terry. Everything you are experiencing I am willing to bet comes down to a video driver. That is the only time I had any issues, and once I installed Nvidia and or AMD drivers, all bugginess goes away.
  9. And when you do listen to them Jacee, here is a little video you can play for them afterwards! http://itsyourpc.org/bruce/files/no-points.m4v
  10. Maybe I need new glasses.................................I didn't see hand.
  11. Nope there is never any accepatble excuse for closing a thread simply because someone asked a question in a different forum. Not in any way shape or form is it acceptable. You guys can play that game if you want, I'll choose not be a part of a place that does such stupid things. see ya.
  12. It isn't "two seperate threads"! It is two different sites. I often see posts here and in other forums I belong to asking for help. I see it among other sections of these forums. In my 15 years being a member here, and 30 years of using computers and message boards, mailing lists, discussion groups, and other forms of communication, I have never once in all those years seen a topic closed because it was alos posted at another site. Not only is it disrespectful to the OP, but is also very disrepectful to these forums and the owner of these forums. The reason people post in multiple sites is because they are looking for different solutions, it simply blows my mind that someone would have the audacity to close a thread because the question was asked elsewhere. The OP will either get answers from someone here or they will not, it is not the business of any member of this forum to determine when someone asks a question at another site to close a thread here. If that is the new policy I contend you would likely need to close 60 or 70% of the forum down. Because I can assure you the same questions are asked in other places also. It is up to the individual OP to determine where on the internet they ask questions, and where on the internet they will choose a solution. Such censorship is simply put outrageous!
  13. Someone posted in "this" forum for help. They also posted at another site. Because they posted at another site the topic was closed for discussion here. Maybe this is the first time I noticed this very bad practice, if it is a common occurance it should cease immediately. I have never seen such a thing happen ever before, people often post problems at numerous sites and choose which advice to follow, or use advice from numerous places to resolve issues. If it is the first time it has happened then the user of this forum is owed an apology. If it is a common occurance than many people are owed an apology, and the ones closing these topics need to evaluate their participation here and why they have joined this forum at all. After all this is a help based forum and to close threads because someone posted at another site is totally unaccepatble. It blows my mind to see this behaviour by people.
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