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  1. Legally there is a huge difference between downloading a windows disk and getting one from Microsoft. The difference being this. Microsoft does not license p2p companies, or individual users to distribute their software.
  2. Sounds more like they slapped you down hard, kicked you in the head and you enjoy it the beating so much that, you are looking forward to the next expensive release of beat me up code to punish your self with.
  3. Nope not a good comparison. Motocross is a race where 30 to 40 men and motorcycles line up, and race their hearts out for 20 minutes on a track usually 1 mile or longer in a test of physical stamina, skill, and speed. Riding up a man made obstacle on a bike and doing a few tricks is not in any way shape or form "motocross". The yahoos doing these jumps are the guys who couldn't make it in the real racing world.
  4. It's an insult to real motocross racers for this junk/garbage to be called "motocross stunts", it ain't motocross not in any way shape or form.
  5. The master boot record is on the first drive.
  6. Prone to overheating, cpu spikes, denial of service, random swings in temperature, massive amounts of nagware.............................
  7. I am fully aware what it means. I was having fun with the green guy
  8. Ovulation predictor kit http://www.pinelandpress.com/faq/opk.html
  9. Lesson learned...........rent clubs at the course, don't bring them home.
  10. It's only sexual harassment when he refuses to pay.
  11. My bad I thought the OP was reffering to writing into root directories. If this is an extra disk then have a look at something like this. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=398928 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=763752 It would be helpful if you provided more information about the app you used to format.
  12. A user only has permission to write into his or her own user directory.
  13. Recovering research and development costs are one of the reason most new technologies cost more initially. That and grabbing as much cash from the must have it yesterday yoyos is such easy pickings no company can resist
  14. Yep they are for my Magnum also. However my wifes car they cost $12 each Costs about 30 bucks to turn em. Even on my car I don't turn them I just replace them. Same with Drums, I never get them turned I just replace them.
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