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  1. Hi Andrew I have it running on its own power supply ... also re the error message no it doesnt say its in use it says it isnt accessable
  2. Thank you for your condolences... i have done as suggested and its saying its 232.88 gb RAW Healthy (active Primary partition) Im also concerned as it says it has 232.88 free..
  3. I have the hard drive plugged in on boot and no message comes up immediatly.. eventually it says the disk needs to be formatted before use.. when I go to my computer it shows as disk G.. but in devices it comes up as the iomega HD but still cannot access either way .. have tried it in all usb ports.. (thank you for your help btw)
  4. Tried to do this but it says windows cannot access the disk
  5. Unfortunately no matter how I try i cannot view the files. If I try to auto play or browse files it tells me the drive is not accessable the parameters are incorrect or that it does not hold the correct file format
  6. Hi I have an iomega external hard drive which has music files and photographs on that cannot be replaced. This has been working fine until now.. I plug in my laptop usb and it comes up with a message saying that this drive needs formatting before use.. I am a complete novice but to my understanding if I do this it will delete all my files on the HD I needs some advice as this HD belonged to my brother who recently passed away and so this is very important to me not to mess up.. I cannot afford to pay a lot of money to sort this out so if anyone has any solutions I would be grateful.
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