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  1. Microsoft + PCPitstop = Menace. I am going to delete my account. If there is a moderator inspecting this forum, then please at least assist me in deleting my account, including all login information. I do not see an option to do that.
  2. If I knew this site was going to take Micorsoft's side, then I would not have used it in the first place.
  3. aOn my XP in IE8 I got to the page that says "Scan My System," where is asked about 6 times for me to download the ActiveX; but it still did not run. As far as this system goes, no one paid attention to my other thread. Microsoft withdrew support for XP users and has not provided anything good since. Why would anyone want to side with Microsoft?
  4. No, "Let's Go" does not appear. Honestly, since my XP has the problems I am trying to debug, I probably should not try to run the test. My OS must have some damage if I cannot do simple things like bring up my Windows Firewall settings, a feature I should not need because I have a third party firewall, or get rid of Device Manager errors.
  5. To my knowledge there is no 32-Bit IE11 on this computer. Running as Administrator it created a page that looks like garbage especially to the left. Its doing the same thing in Firefox. I took a screenshot in IE11; but don't know how to post it. The screenshot looks pretty big. Having already gotten off my XP, I am not going back there to run this after having had to post here again. It is getting late and I wanted to wrap this up hours ago.
  6. On both computers nothing happens regardless of whether I logged in. It stays on the page "Entering the pit."
  7. What for? I went from IE9, and happy with just that, to IE11 unwillingly under Microsoft intimidation. Microsoft said that users had to upgrade to be able to use their forums which they do not answer, a move probably directed at XP users. Rolling back on IE11 on my Windows 7, which does not have any other problems, will not help with my XP, which runs IE8 with Firefox as default. The XP is the one with problems I am trying to fix.
  8. Since returning to this site over the last week, I have neither been able to run Overdrive on this Windows 7 nor on my Windows XP. One thing that has changed that wasn't true in my past use, I never had to run any browser as Administrator, as if that made a difference.
  9. I am going to have to stop using this site. The Overdrive scan has become so complicated that I quit trying to run it. Had it ran on my Windows XP, I may not have had to start my other thread, which will probably hang unresolved, the way Microsoft runs its forums.
  10. As long as I am posting for technical support, I thought I would run a scan. I could not remember how to login, but probably would have been able to if the webmaster specified what the user ID consisted of, whole email address vs. just the part before the @.
  11. Dear Juliet, thanks for the tip. iLivid will go. Meanwhile, if we are through with AdwCleaner, then I will uninstall it.
  12. Dear Juliet, using computermail.net as an example, they never had ads there, but only on this computer after it was infected. The same with National Weather ( with the abbreviation noaa). However, I do not see them now. No, I do not have either iLivid or their toolbar. On my Windows 7 I have the installer; but I never installed iLivid. Thanks for your help. As I said, some of this I invited trying to fix my hanging Windows 7, which on my other thread, I identified to a newly connected HD TV. Additionally, I invited problems from trying to stream video for free, not being a cable TV subs
  13. Dear Juliet, maybe this adblock did its job even though I have not yet read everything about how to use it. I have it installed in Firefox on my XP. Then, on my Windows 7, I have it for both Firefox and Torch. I just browsed and have no excess ads, even where I had them before. One of them was the National Weather site. Strange that our government could not protect its own sites from this nasty stuff.
  14. Dear Juliet, there is not much of a report. Under the Folders and Registry tabs it found a couple items related to my antivirus, Baidu. I am not going to touch them. There is a button that says Logfile instead of Report. Here is the report from following the file path: # AdwCleaner v4.111 - Logfile created 03/03/2015 at 08:50:08 # Updated 18/02/2015 by Xplode # Database : 2015-03-02.3 [server] # Operating system : Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (x86) # Username : Louis Paul Toscano - TOSHIBA-USER # Running from : C:\Documents and Settings\Louis Paul Toscano\Desktop\adwcleaner_4.11
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