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  1. I, too am dealing with this problem. It is not that the contract WAS covertly worded in such a way to make one unaware of the easily forgotten annual charges, it is the fact that the buyer, once they decide to end the contract, is unable to stop it. I can not be convinced that this is done in innocence. There is no phone number to call, for one. There is, also, no email address to send a simple question to. The process is painful. In fact, I am writing this post in hopes that I can get a reasonable response from the company that promises customer service. I find it ironic that the product I purchased over two years ago did little for me except cause me a lot of frustration and has cost me $90. I won't be paying for another renewal. I'm sure enough disputed charges will anger the credit card companies enough to stop doing business with you, I hope. 1) Is there a phone number I can call to accomplish this? 2) Is there an email address to write to? 3) Why is my email address not recognized when I try to log in? I have checked it for accuracy. 4) Why does your renewal reminder go to spam mail if you are not trying to slide it past people? 5) Can I get a refund? If a reference to your standard post from above is all you can do, I will dispute the charge. My credit card company likes me a lot, too. Thanks for YOUR time. You're not welcome for wasting mine.
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