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  1. Thanks dabwid I already have a website builder which I via my web host....but its just those 3 points I am TOTALLY stuck on... :help: Thanks for your help and I will give you a shout when its ready De
  2. Dabwid Thanks for that......I have the bones of the site to-gether but I will give that a read ..........my problem is that I don't understand how to take eg say the guestbook or the forum and get it onto a page on my site.. etc etc I'm sorry....a bit of a walking diaster lol lol
  3. Hi Folks Happy New Year to you all.....it's been a while since I have been here....I was wondering would anyone be able to guide me on the following. I am nearing the end of building my website and I need to add the following and I have NOT A CLUE how to go about doing this ...below I have outlined what I want on the site....would anyone like to talk me through this??...what should I do, how to go about it (1) I want to put a guestbook and the guestbook I would like to use is Advance Guestbook 2.3.1....this is what it says ....Advanced Guestbook is a PHP-based guestbook script. It includes many useful features such as preview, templates, e-mail notification, picture upload, page spanning , html tags handling, smilies, advanced guestbook codes and language support. The admin script lets you modify, view, and delete messages. Requires PHP4 and MySQL. http://proxy2.de/scripts.php (2) I alo want to put a forum on my site and the forum I would like to use is the following http://www.phpbb.com/downloads.php phpBB 2.0.6 (3) I need to put music up on my site, by that I need to find a jukebox type thing that sits on the page of a site (anyone know where I might get one of those??) and then I need to upload a number of tracks that will play by streaming...(how do I do this??)...I am not sure what the best is....I don't know how to go about this either.... I would appreciate any help...I have been sick so I have fallen SO behind on getting the site finished and I have to have it completed within a week. please :help: Thanks De
  4. Thanks to he help of many here on PC Pitstops they helped clear a total whammy of viruses off my computer about two months ago - Since been told to install AVG ...it's been just great, it recently detected a virus and healed it (IRC FLood) things are 100% since installing AVG. De
  5. Gheez I am wondering if it's too late to ask for a glass of water
  6. Dee

    Music Today

    Also while we talk of great singers who died in accidents, here's more John Denver - Plane crash Reba McEntires band - Plane Crash in around 1988/89??? I think it was 7 or 8 died in this accident including her band members and tour manager and Reba herself cheated death in 1991 when her own light aircraft failed to let its landing gear down at Nashville Airport Patsy Cline - Plane Crash John Whitley (nephew of the late Keith Whitley) - Car Accident Makes ya think eh,
  7. Dee

    Music Today

    I agree on all points here, but there is something scarey in that too...3 out of four in air accidents.
  8. you mean more like get WIRED..wowwww....twice the caffine.. You'd move mountains after a couple of cans of that lol
  9. I am still here ........I have not had the courage to do the manual removal of the printer driver link yet If I loose these files fricken hell I don't even want to think about it I've been researching self build computers to-night...I think it is fast reaching that stage Watch this space
  10. OK here is a test for you to do Do any of you have currency that have copper coins....that's all I have tried this test with. Get Coke or indeed use Tamatoe Ketchup and hey I will tell you afterwards you will have one shiney coin. I am sure it will have the same affect on a bit of brass too. That corrossiveness affect sounds about right. don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself I am sure it has the power to strip wallpaper if given the chance lol lol lol lol De
  11. Here goes nothing then If I'm not back you know what's happened Thanks Radio
  12. Has any of you guys tried the different cokes that coke actually make worldwide.....You can get to sample them at Disneyworld, Florida at Epcot. Gotta tell ya, some of them are so YUCK they nearly made me sick. They are adapted them to the desired tastes of particular countries........all I can say is "wicked" and "horrid"...from what I remember I think there was about 20 or so to taste....I didn't get that far lol lol De
  13. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh well that's done, SP4 downloaded and still the same....."Give me a break - this computer is killing me "...... Would firewall have anything to do with the problem...sorry for asking at this stage I am not discounting anything Good night
  14. Even if it does not work I am going to take a nap lol lol.....it's nearly 1am here good night and thanks Let's hope this will solve things
  15. shucks what are we burning now .... I have started to download service pack 4 actually ready to install it (express version)
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