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  1. I have had PCMatic for Years ... For the very first time, I have a Major Problem. And, I find that I do not have access to Tech Support. Just this Forum ... OMG ...!!!!!!!!!!! I ran PCMatic this afternoon, and it said that I needed a new Realtek Audio driver. I walked away from the PC, while it did its thing, and later, I noticed that the progress had stopped, and a box said that the script was causing a slow down, or something ... I clicked cancel. Then, under that box, there was a box that said that the files were corrupt, and that I should download new ones. I clicked okay.
  2. Thank you so much! It's working! One more thing - Is there supposed to be "Dat1" with what looks like some kind of "Refresh" icon between "User Guide" and "Protected" on the start page of PCMatic? Thanks again, Fenix999
  3. Hi, I opened the PC Matic, and it said Protected. I clicked on the Green Cog, and the program next to it on the Taskbar opened ... Then, the Green Cog disappeared ... I checked to see if the PC Matic RT program was installed. It was. While all of this was happening, Windows popped in, and said that the PC Matic RT program wasn't working. I ran PC Matic, and it seems to be working just fine. If I Uninstall the RT Program, then will the instructions that you provided work?
  4. Yesterday, I got the update for my PCMatic - PCMatic RT. I did not really understand what this was about, so when it got to the box that said "Are you sure you want to delete PCMatic?" I hit Cancel. DUH ... !!! Now, Windows keeps telling me that my PCMatic RT is not running. Later, when the update popped up on my Laptop, I didn't hit Cancel, so I think that update installed okay. What can I do about installing the RT update again on my PC? Thanks, Fenix999
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