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  1. ...and me We have the same set up I'm stumped as well, strange. It's past midnight here and I must go to bed, will give it some thought and check with you later today........or tomorrow for you
  2. You Korean ? (gunbound.net) I'm on a home network, using IE, double yuck !, default settings enabled, and on a client computer....and I can see them OK Pleased to meet you, by the way
  3. Well, I'm on Internet Explorer now......yuck! Can you give me a link to the website you can't open ?
  4. Hmm,...I don't use Internet Explorer. Let me change to IE, back in a second.
  5. So, you have a home network ? The machine connected directly to the internet can view the web pages OK, but the client can't ? What browser are you using ?
  6. They are all very good. As long as you keep them up to date of course The best anti-virus ? Your brain.
  7. That's great news.....good luck to you both Congratulations !
  8. I've just thought of a way....... Do all of your homework first, then tidy your bedroom and then give Mum a big hug. Bound to work.
  9. Get well soon Deb. Best Wishes to you both.
  10. http://www.cexx.org/winservs.htm
  11. http://www.windowsforum.org/support/forum/...=ST&f=42&t=5387 This is what I see on my screen.
  12. bvw in bristol


    Perhaps you should have a quiet word with your Dad and tell him what happened, just in case.
  13. bvw in bristol


    Wait till your Mum finds out.
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