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  1. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/win2kgaming/more-games-require-sse2-chip-instruction-sets-t154.html
  2. :filtered:.Heres happend alot since i checked last time.Havent got time for playing at all.Done only jobs with laptop and Athlon is still in pieces though i bought new case. Hello ssdd and others.
  3. Hmn.Update DirectX if it isnt latest.Is yours 7600 256MB version and have you tried demo?If nothing helps i would try SwiftShader. And hey,what operating system and is it updated? I have XP SP3.Win7 and XP SP3 were in reqs so theres one little possibility with XP that you are missing some update.
  4. No its using 3.0 but propably works with 2.0 card. Ah,yeah its in that one post.Just quickly looked your profile,there was Radeon 9600.What OS you have and also if you have 512 megs memory just get it more,thats possible problem.In requirements minimum is 2 gigs.If you havent try also update game. Anyway,official reqs. http://disneyinteractivestudios.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3585/ http://www.fixya.com/support/t9361925-when_start_up_pirates Theres one thread where solution was SwiftShader.
  5. ssdd - Try now cause you cut it away rename that 2_6 to 2_7 maybe it then doesnt crash.Contact devs,its same as Astro Tripper was and they made patch for it so it dont load xact and xaudio but i didnt try it.Page 5. And glad that it works.Sometimes theres luck with those dll files. Artem- Theres shader 3.0 in official reqs but it should work with 2.0 card.Try SwiftShader or reinstalldownload.
  6. Artem - Sniper demo worked.So is Lego Caribbean demo.Just noticed i didnt post anything about it.There was graphic problems.Try compatibility modes,different settings in config filedriver settings or different driver version. ssdd - Tried you rename 2_6 to 2_7 or just cut it away from system32?
  7. Same problem with it and Crysis 2 MP demo and Prototype.Page 2.
  8. Maybe some patch fixed Crysis 2? Steam Homefront multiplayer worked well but full game also crashed at stairs.Check pages 1&3. If luck it could be config file problem or again trying with NVidia related files.
  9. Google also for GTA IV Pentium 3 and check page 1. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=22657 Dont know is it working but seems depending at GPU. I tried quickly back then,WITHOUT any fix, Episodes from Liberty City and launcher worked.
  10. Darksiders dont work,look page 1.Darksiders II dont work,look page 18 and Godfather II not tested.
  11. Hey,is Zeno Clash 2 working? Aaand Arma 3 beta.
  12. ssdd - Andor try old .exe? Neither do i.Dont have any chance now to do much with computers.
  13. Windows 8 Dev and consumer previews are working but Metro applications not. http://www.eightforums.com/general-support/2731-windows-developer-preview-old-pc.html http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/hh975398.aspx PAENXSSE2 Support requirement guide for Win 8 "All systems that do not support NX or SSE2 will no longer be able to initialize a Windows 8 kernel. Systems that can disable NX in firmware will have that option overridden, so any misconfigured firmware will not cause boot to fail. "
  14. level-studio - What mobo you have? And ssdd you'r alive . Payday and again PhysX.Patch 15 PhysX upgrade to v3.2.1,link for it http://payday.wikia.com/wiki/Update_history .What error it throws?Thinking cause Payday 2 is using Diesel 2.0.Maybe they didnt made much modifications. Anyone tried L4D2 older files with other not working Valve games?
  15. What it did?Any errors... And what error Guild Wars 2 gave? Jeffredo - Any problems with that SSD?
  16. Yeees,havent wrote there like i PM.I think its possible atleast with new board what eats all socket A CPUs. Thanks.
  17. Starsylph - From where you quote that? Im gonna be out of this propably until to next year.Have bigger problems than computers.(god dammit woman) Eh,yeah but this takes time...Id rather
  18. Is it also crashing after menu like infernoth wrote?Do you have windows .dmp write enabled?Check it if you have.
  19. Afraid not?But not tested.Hows Max Payne 3?
  20. Drivers/bug? And hey.Wrimer (havent posted to thread) asked sometimes ago this about Mass Effect 2 "When i click a galaxy map on Normandia (new game) game crash and i see only black screen and xbox 360 buttons?" He fixed it by downloading save file.Uninstall propably didnt delete save folder and if its read-only try uncheck it in file properties. Dont know can save files cause that but maybe if config files have some similar problems?
  21. In the name of testing try reinstall or try different version.Do you have service pack 1 installed cause minimum is win 7 SP1 and min RAM 2Gigs?To what its using mem?Is whole game running in RAM? If it really doesnt work some more info would be good but looks that its using Wwise for sounds and Enlighten for lighting.
  22. Eh,short answer,besides this thread.Im old school gamer so no necessarily need for frames or graphics,just good game and this came more hobby than i expected.But this is just interesting and funny.And yeah wouldnt have afford to buy new gaming pc now,actually wouldnt even get it now.Wait a little and see what happens if wants to play next gen games max. Another point of view->Dreamcast gets couple of new games at this year.Dont have it, so just for gaming it could be one choice
  23. Have here friend old Intel laptop and Vista home,Visual Studio 2008 Pro trial.I was checking nvtt and noticed that it doesnt show 3DNOW by default like my AMD laptop.(so thats it about those optimizations,source code doesnt icnlude 3dnow) I compiled 2.0.8-1 package with 3DNOW and another also with CUDA.CUDA file is much bigger (like propably Borderlands original) and it needed cuda environment path so i installed cuda toolkit.File version still shows other settings default,minus SSE2. Athlon is still broken so cant try but i quickly tested on this and Sanctum UDK demo. http://ww
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