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  1. Thanks, I tried to start the PC Matic from the Programs file as you instructed, but had the same result. After about a minute's pause with the gears grinding, it offered to install PC Matic as before. This time I opted to install and now it works normally from the desktop icon or from the Program file. I recall in the installation of the -RT update, there was an uninstall process the occurred automatically. It appeared that it needed to clear the old program in order to install the update. I don't know if this was a glitch in my particular setup, or if this is a problem with
  2. I downloaded the -RT version when it was presented as an update for my recently installed PC Matic. However, there were no instructions with it and I've had to search the web for information. One thing that particularly puzzled me is that the green PC MaticRT icon has no practical function, other than to block/unblock or exit. Furthermore, the old PC Matic icon does not open the program any longer, but opens a window to install it again. I'm assuming (something one should never do) that the program does not need to be routinely executed because it's functioning in the background, bu
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