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    CPU: I5 760 @ 3.8GHz Mobo: ECS P55H-A GFX: 2x GTX 470 @ 700MHz and 800MHz 2x4GB Samsung low profile PSU: HX 1000 Case: CM stacker 831 Rig 2: i3 540 @ 3.7GHz Gigabyte H55m-D2H HD4870 512MB Chieftec case and PSU I got free :)
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  1. Cheers guys Those 980s you've got coming down the line are going to scream Guns
  2.   Yeah there were a couple a while back too but they stopped pretty quickly because the CPU was unstable.Normally I run it at 4.3GHz which is stable but the board would die a fiery death if I left it fold at that speed for long. I lowered my OC to 4.1 but decreased the voltage by too much so it crashed, it's sorted now though. I'm also getting a Q6600 and 8800GTX up at the moment, the PC's nearly together I just need to install an OS and set up folding, then it'll be good to go.
  3. Hi, I haven't been folding in a while but I've been around the forums from time to time just seeing how things are going. I ran my system overnight to check it still folds okay and I changed the details to the Pit_Crew ones just now. I'll be folding with you guys at least until the end of the CC.
  4. Clicked again, I need to bookmark that page or something because I forgot about it til now.
  5. One is the VID (default setting) and one is the voltage read through the sensor on the CPU. Go by the 1.248V reading in CPU-Z, the 1.325V is your default setting and what your motherboard is "trying" to give the chip. Unlucky with the VID on that chip, I think 1.325 is about the highest VID you could have gotten.
  6. Thanks CB It's fully hidden. I was wondering why I had trouble finding it Edit: Congrats on your promotion by the way Just noticed it now
  7. There's a for sale section? I looked and can't find one, is it completely hidden until you hit 300 posts? You've got me wanting to see it now
  8. Congrats Guns That'll be a hell of a folder
  9. As long as you're stable and temps are okay I'd guess you're fine Just googling it looks like you'll be limited by your PCI speed anyway so I'd say keep going
  10. The V8 looks pretty good performance-wise, it would beat the 212 from that standpoint The n520 might be enough, but looking at reviews, the fans are at 1800RPM all the time so it might be noisy. I think the 212 would handle load better as well because of its larger size, that said the V8 probably has it beaten for performance Do you have a budget for your cooler and what sort of overclock would you be happy with? I haven't bought an air cooler since my tuniq tower so googling reviews is what I'm going on
  11. The p67 extreme is quite a good performer from what I've read. the PSU is fine, It's about the right size as well. The 560 is a ~170W card I think so two and a 95W CPU will need a decent PSU if overclocked. Basically it's about the size you'd want for some legroom in case you want to overclock heavily or SLI down the line The build looks good, I can't comment on value though because every time I look at U.S. hardware prices I die a little inside I'd probably get an air cooler over the H50 but that's just me. I haven't heard of anyone having one leak that they hadn't screwed with but it performs about as well as a good air cooler from what I've heard so why take the risk? Also I just refreshed to make sure I wasn't posting something someone else covered while I was typing and I didn't realise the P8P67 PRO didn't have any IDE slots I'd forgotten it wasn't integrated into the chipset anymore
  12. In before I go bench my Q6600 at 1.6GHz vs an i3 at 4.9 to definitively prove dual cores beat quads in everything... Oh and I'll run linux on the quad and windows on the i3 too Anyway, while it's possible to skew results in favour of their own product, that AMD chip looks quite impressive. I'm sure they have highlighted any advantage their chip might have over the intel chip but even in a best-case scenario those are good results and should hopefully bring even better value to the computing market
  13. Can I ask what else is in your loop? It shouldn't make a difference as for your card to be at 82 with good flow through that block and without the rad being roasting to the touch there'd have to be something wrong with the block. I'm also assuming you checked if the rad was hot so I know this post probably doesn't help much You should be getting about 40 degrees cooler than that with a good rad, or at least I did with my 470 when I had a double and triple rad in my loop. Even after selling the double and with an i3 at 4.4 in the loop it stays under 50 so 82 is waaay off what you should be getting Did you check inside the block before putting it in the loop? Just in case there's something wrong internally
  14. Just folding on the cpu only at the moment to make sure that's not at fault, I'll start a new thread when I'm 100% sure the CPU and graphics card are stable as separate entities. I just thought I'd post my i3's ppd in response to Fuzzy's comment on dual cores. It approximately equals the q6600 at 3.6 I had before it which really surprised me and shows that, while they aren't as good as current quads at folding, they'renot useless folders and can certainly contribute to the cause. Now if only I could get it stable at 4.6 with the card folding as well 8750PPD on a 6073 WU anyway. I got this as a gaming rig as well though, not just for folding I'd agree that for a dedicated folding rig it's worthwhile to upgrade to an i5 or better (well, not right now, with sandybridge and all)
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