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  1. No I built it. The Alien head isn't alienware, just something I bought. It's actually a metallic badge for your car. I just thought it looked more fitting on the case. The only thing that is actually new is the case, mobo and ram. I plan to get a GTX 1080 this year and put in it, mostly because I plan to get a Vive VR sometime and will need more GPU power.
  2. No it's not upside down, the case is designed so that the graphics card is on top and can be seen through the plexi glass window...as seen on first pic. It has a liquid cooler, the pump is under the PSU and the cooler is down on the bottom. The SSD card is on the front as shown in the first pic. The emblem is an alien head with red eyes though it's hard to see. Yes it's ITX with an SFX psu. Specs: i7 4790 GTX 970 16 gigs ram Here is an another view, maybe it won't look as confusing.
  3. SoulFly

    Windows 10

    Written more securely? ...now insert the words "determined criminals" in there and see if patching would change any...oh, yeah, every new OS version is more secure but the patches keep coming don't they?. Technically, there is no such thing as secure while on the grid, about as much as there exists perfect code. There are plenty of Linux vulnerabilities discovered, patched and delivered like any OS, 5 this month alone just for Ubuntu. Code can be injected through exploits without you doing anything allowing arbitrary code execution. You might be super careful with what you execute on your system but little good that will do you when criminals attack servers and steal CC's, SN's..etc. Just your medical records alone is all they need and that type of thing rests on the attention span and mindfulness of millions of nurses and receptionists. So I find the discussion of malware on one's personal computer quite moot as everyone should worry more about what you have on other companies servers. I'm sure you remember Target's or Sony's PSN little fiasco some time back. Just being a consumer anywhere leaves you exposed. So a lot of good being security minded on a mac did me when my personal info was stolen..and then sold and used mind you, from Anthem not long ago along with everyone else that had Anthem, just because that's the insurance my work place provides. Fortunately I have lifelock which saved me any hassle whatsoever, they just notified me and took care it and my bank did a very good job getting my CC sorted out with little hassle other than having to wait 2 weeks for a new card but these things are becoming common and for some it can be quite a headache to get it sorted. One of my co workers had to drive 2 hours away to Indianapolis to get his stuff sorted out and prove he was who he was. Malware? lol, that's child's play to sort out by comparison. Keep an external updated image both on cloud and external drive. Tons of automatic software that does this for you, so no one has an excuse. Change passwords regularly, plenty of password encrypting software out there. when you feel uneasy then use it. Simple. So there is no reason for anyone to proclaim being a paranoid super computer genius nor defend/attack an OS, just be glad we have so many options available to us.
  4. SoulFly

    Windows 10

    That's OEM. I was referring to retail in stores. I don't want to order it online when I can just run 5 minutes down the road and pick it up. Since stores don't carry it yet, I assume there is a release date of sorts?
  5. SoulFly

    Windows 10

    When will the boxed version be in stores? I haven't found it anywhere.
  6. SoulFly

    Windows 10

    I just pre ordered a W10 laptop for the wife. I'll grab a retail copy for mine later on at some point. I'm glad it will have trackpad gestures, I'll just have to wait and see how well they do on Mac pro laptops.
  7. I never did get one, I probably would end up never using it after the novelty wore off so glad I didn't. I already own a few things that I regretted after the immediate fun wore off. Like my PS4 for starters, haven't turned it on since February.
  8. Wow that G3 looks really impressive. Looks like it would work out to around $700 a year but the only service plan available is a family plan and appears to be 1 gb plan. I don't want to get it then realize later that 1gb isn't enough. At least it doesn't sound like much for a whole month.
  9. I think I may go with the Nexus 5 (32gb) for $400 and use Ting. Wish it had a bigger screen, the Galaxy S4 is the only other decent option from what they have but it's not new and older version of Android. The Galaxy note 3 is $700 and I'm not even sure if it even has phone capability or if it's just a tablet. But If I use data saving techniques and HTTrack as much as possible, I don't think I'll use much data or I'll limit it to what I want to pay. I have kindle so I could always download some books on wifi and read them later as well instead of watching YT. So for this first year it might cost me over $700 which is cheaper some of the unlimited plans which with a free phone would still put me over $1000 a year. Ting uses Sprint which seems to have somewhat decent coverage around my area in East central Indiana but those coverage maps don't tell me much, looks like a lot of hit and miss but so does ATT and Verizon. So unless anyone has any other suggestions, thanks for the advice.
  10. How do I find out if any particular phone has that feature to disable once I hit my limit? Is there a specific name for it? So far atm, I'm looking pretty heavily at Ting.com. I could buy one of their phones but their selection of phones seems pretty limited and from there I'm taking it that I will pay for what I use with no hidden stuff. I also had a great idea, I could use this android app called HTTrack and download a few gigs of internet stuff from home on my wifi and use that to browse when needed instead of using as much data. It would help anyway so maybe I should try to find one with the largest memory size.
  11. Another question. I don't get the cons vs pros of contract plans vs no contract. Maybe if someone could break that down for me that would be great. Also, when they say unlimited data...is it really unlimited? How much is the regulatory fees? Anything else I should know in general cause I literally have no clue about this stuff. I just know that if I were to have one, I'd want the largest screen and ability to access internet without worrying about hidden costs or overage charges unless it wouldn't likely be too expensive.
  12. So basically even 2.0 gb data plan isn't much use. There are times when I may have 2 or 3 hours of downtime. I'm sure there may be times where I would visit a lot of sites or watch more than 30 minutes of video. So how do people watch netflix and do so much online with their cell phones? Or do they just pay $100 + a month? The last I want to do is worry all the time about my data consumption and I assume there never is any carry over so it's a use it or lose it kind of thing? Oh and also what about Ting.com? Would it make more sense to buy a phone full price and use their service? apparently it's 1.5 cents per..something for data more than 2000 megs. Or is the ATT one I linked better suited?
  13. So I know nothing about them. I started considering one just to get online at work when I have downtime or to use GPS to find job sites cause I work in construction. But I really have no clue how much data I would use, Like how much data is it just to watch a YT video? So I wanted to know what anyone thinks of this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olstemplatemapper.jsp?id=pcat17071&type=page&st=pcmcat211300050006_categoryid%24pcmcat209400050001&sc=Global&nrp=15&sp=&qp=carrier_facet%3DCarrier~AT%26T%5Ecurrentpricemobile_facet%3DPrice~%241.00&usc=All+Categories&browsedCategory=pcmcat211300050006&seeAll=&gf=y&cp=1 And do I understand that site correctly, that the cost to get one of those phones for just $1 plus activation fee and then just $25 per month for 2 years if I get the 1 gb plan? Or what about Ting.com? More specifically something like this: seems like you pay for what you use, but you pay full price for the phone? Would that be better for me? How much WWW access is 1gb in a month when accessing websites? I really have no idea how much I would use it but I rarely have a desire to make phone calls and can't text on those small screens to save my life as I've tried before on other peoples phones. Is there a better plan for me out there? I think I probably need the larger screen phones cause I don't think I would do too well on small screens but the 5" inch ones are very expensive. If I would need 2gb's or more data, that starts at $40 which is as much as my 25mbps connection at home. Is it just me or does that not seem ridiculous? Maybe it's cause I'm not used to paying for stuff like that and I have no clue how much I would even end up using it.
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