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  1. Ok, sorry ive havent got back to you. Ive been working. I have tried all the recomended things and nothing has changed apart from my pc being in the bottom 25% rather than the bottom 15%. I did try to update my audio driver as I wasnt sure whether it was normal not to have sound while in safe mode and when I did try to update it it came up with this message: _ExitError: Error= device object not present, restart and run setup again. tried it 3 times now and its the same every time. What now? One thing I have noticed is that when I click on a google link after searching for something it often takes me to a different site than the one I wanted. I have tried to run avg but it runs funny in safe mode and doesnt give me options to delete things. Is there programes I can use to scan and delete malware and trojans and other nasties? PLEASE HELP ME! this is driving me insane!
  2. Ok, sorted the pit test: http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=23940458
  3. Ok, thanks for your replies. I have tried to doa pitstop test and even though i know HOW to get the results it doesnt come up with any detailed results or give me the option of posting the results. It wont even let me use my login even though i have signed up. Maybe there is something i am doing wrong. I will try again when i get back from work later this night and hav more time. Have system restored to an earlier point but to no avail. I have also checked the device manager and there is no marks anywhere. Also, can i just check that it is normal for there to be no sound when in safe mode? Thank you
  4. Computer will only start in safe mode and I dont know what to do . I did see a topic on here : http://forums.pcpits...de/page__st__10 and a guy called IntelGuy solved it. I have started to try to follow some of the steps he suggested but some of the links are out of date. I'm not really tech savy and although a little bit of a tomboy, this tech stuff is way above me. I have an RM D945GTP_ and im running XP home edition on it. from what ive read there is a strong posibility it may be a dirver problem and in fact thats is how IntelGuy solved the one shown. However i dont know how to find out whats drivers i need for my specific computer. What are my first steps? Please help me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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