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  1. Okay it's not that funny by itself but try showing it to a friend while the girl is singing.
  2. Sunglasses on a color blind animal. lol
  3. I heard stories of people getting off with lighter sentences through back room deals. lol This isn't one of those stories. And Caintry... if the guy was spacing on meth he was probably up for days. Could have been in a state of meth psychosis as they call it now days but it's mostly a result of not getting sleep. Most people start to hear things, your thoughts become strange and disconnected. Stay awake long enough and you will see things, usually shadows out of the corner of the eye but full blown hallucination is not unheard of. I feel sorry for the person, aside from being all kinds of messed up now they probably got a hefty prison sentence. Oh yeah, being awake a long time has been found to have residual effects on the brain. Meaning that the state of psychosis will be evident even after the person sobers up. The longer they push the limit the worse it tends remain. Eventually the brain can recover but it's still not clear just how complete that recovery is in some of the worse cases. I've been there done that too so to say. Learned my lesson after they threw the book at me. It's one thing to play with fire but the legal system is not fun. No sir, don't wanna play with that. Given the chance they would have locked me up and thrown out the key. I'm glad they have more proactive means now like drug court which lets you get sober and have the charges get dropped if you complete the program. It's a one time opportunity though, some people don't realize this and screw it up. Screwing up that leads to a harder sentencing than before. Never understood why some people went that route when the prosecutor informs them of the consequences and has them sign off on them at the start. Idiots.
  4. Legal issues aside. Why would anyone want to run apple OS when they have windows? Almost everything is windows oriented, I found it funny when Apple fan boys were all excited about bootcamp. *face palm* If you want the functionality of windows get a Windows PC. I've still yet to find something only apple OS can offer or do better than what's available for windows. According to my mac loving friend most students get apple OS laptops, macbooks, whatever. Why? To make their education experience more expensive and difficult? Well he's a drop out and is in a multi-level marketing scheme for organic coffee. *more face palm* Worse yet he is trying to have me sign up for it. A guy who doesn't know a heatsink from RAM has the tenacity to also inform me that macs are better than pcs. Bleh, drives me crazy.
  5. Doesn't work quite the same. You'll notice many features are not there and it's not nearly as intuitive and user friendly. On that note... if you're taking classes that require MS Office, get MS Office. Compatibility can be an issue and you work might not appear the same when a teacher opens the file with MS Office. Generally speaking, you can do pretty much the same stuff with Open Office, so it's good stuff if you don't need MS Office for classes or work.
  6. Uh... you guys fall asleep? http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/192419-come-onhot-wholesale-nike-shox-lt3tl1mosterturobnztimberlandsandalsbrand-jeans-ed-hardycap/ posted all over. Need volunteer mods or something? Forum seems a little dead come to think of it. *pokes forum with stick* We're going to need an autopsy on this one.
  7. Discoloration, heat damage is usually visible darker spots. Course circuitry will have some places where it is darker naturally but you will be able to tell when looking at the discoloration. It will often be rounded and in one big blotch or several. Sometimes it might just be dust build up and will come off if gently rubbed on with a dry q-tip(don't apply pressure as it might scratch something important). Example of some heat damage from somewhere out in the web. Good ol google. The image is grainy but you should still be able to notice the brownish/yellowish looking spots on the dark green. That could be just thick dust or the plastic became darker due to heat damage. No need to focus near the red square, there is signs of serious problems all around the thing. I'm not familiar with what all those parts are but if you look to the left of the big LSI square you will see some golden strips with a lot of discoloration on them and around them. Pretty sure this came off of some seagate drive. Says seagate on the big square. Dust conducts static electricity and is also an insulator. If it was a significant build up there's a chance it can fry something in the board. It doesn't take much at all to fry PC stuff. As much as a shock from your finger with a static charge could kill a motherboard. Which that charge usually contains a surprising amount of energy. I ground my self with a anti-static wriststrap when working. I also wear latex medical gloves when available. Human skin oil has a surprising capacity to corrode most metals. That's why strings on a guitar turn black and break after about a month if you don't wipe em down after playing. Basically, the less you put your hands all over a circuit board the longer it will live. Some people, even professionals, think I'm eccentric for wearing gloves but if you paid good money for the parts it's best to treat them with proper care.
  8. Reminds of some old home remedies. Like putting a bag of uncooked rice in a sock and heating it in a microwave and then applying it to a toothache or something. Basically, I think it's a silly idea. How could freezing a drive and exposing it to possible condensation make it function better? If my drive wasn't spinning I'd open it up and try to ascertain the cause, not stick it in a fridge. That just sounds wacky. lol On that note, if I get a tooth ache I go see a dentist ASAP and not stuff a sock full of rice and then put it against my head. People told me the warm rice sucks out impurities or some such. I'm still not sure what from, the sock or my face? Also, no one specified what impurities those would be. Heat on the other hand does alleviate pain though. A warm compress would be just as effective. People can be so silly sometimes.
  9. Goats! So cute, you know they have rectangular pupils?
  10. Hmm Intel had my hopes up. Their wording confused me lol I'm thinking about putting together a new build but I'm always thinking about it even after I finish one. There's so much stuff going on with it right now it doesn't seem prudent or cost effective to invest in it just yet. Plus I'm not looking forward to having to reinstall stuff even if it does happen much quicker. I like my mess of apps and random gadgets.
  11. You can do an SSD TRIM RAID granted you have the right hardware first. http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2010/03/23/intel-releases-trim-for-raid/1
  12. I think you may be surprised in couple years with your statement. Gaming is becoming a national pastime in some places around the world. It's a 50 Billion dollar industry and bloating.
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