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  1. A recent windows update has conflicted with Zone Alarm blocking internet access. Check out more information at Zone Labs forum here: http://www2.nohold.net/noHoldCust542/Prod_...nh21.nohold.net
  2. Don't know about those "HP" and "Hewlett Packard" folders. Most likely if you have deleted the drivers you should be OK. The folders probably just contain some software. Joe C. has good advice. Read the installation instructions carefully. With Operating Systems prior to Vista you had to install the software and wait for the installation program to tell you to connect the printer with a USB cable. Most installations with Vista just require that you hook-up the printer and away goes the installation.
  3. Yep - I would remove them all and start over. You might want to go to the HP website and download the latest drivers and software rather than using the disk. Make sure you get the appropriate drivers and software for your operating system. Vista is especially fussy about "non-vista" drivers. Good Luck
  4. Many HP printers stumble on installation if there are old HP drivers present in the computer. Make sure you completely uninstall all old (unused) printers and their drivers before trying to install a new one. There are many web sites that discuss this issue. Just google "uninstall old printer drivers". Good Luck.
  5. Download "Shoot the messenger" here: http://www.grc.com/stm/shootthemessenger.htm It's a small safe easy file that works.
  6. Yep XP-Home. Maybe try an updated version.
  7. FavOrg works for me with broadband.
  8. I have had similar problems usually related to conflicts between HP drivers. It's important to completely remove all old drivers associated with the printer before installing new ones. Here is a website that provides step-by-step procedures for completely removing old printer drivers and software. Follow the procedure then follow Radio's advice for a clean install. Good luck. http://members.shaw.ca/bsanders/CleanPrinterDrivers.htm
  9. I've been using ZA and Avast together on several computers for over a year with no apparent problems and with no virus invasions or firewall failures.
  10. i have an external hard drive for storage, transfer and back-up. As stated above it doesn't get seriously fragmented for these applications. I have defragged it about once a month for the past couple of years. No problems.
  11. It's possible that you have an infected file that "System Restore" has saved. These files are often not accessible by virus scans. Turn off "System Restore", then do another scan. Then turn "Sys-Restore" on again. Good Luck
  12. How about: Start/Programs/Accessories/Communications/Fax -Then set up Fax console? Also, take a look here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/s...2october21.mspx
  13. Try: Start/Control Panel/Add&Remove Programs - Left side click Add/Remove Windows Components - Check "Fax Services".
  14. Even though your sound drivers appear to be functioning properly, I would try Joe C's advice. Uninstall them, then reboot and let windows reinstall them.
  15. I read Fred Langa's recommendations for registry cleaners. It was a very worthwhile survey. Nevertheless, you assume some real risks when you tinker with the registry. If you are not completely confident of things that you are deleting you can quickly convert your computer to a doorstop. Concerning duplicate files - Once again caution! Many programs place required files in the system folder others may place the same file in the "program files"folder. So, you have duplicate files. But when each of these programs goes looking for the required file it will look where it originally pla
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