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  1. That did fix the dispaly issue; I can see the Whitelist check boxes now. Thanks. I did notice all of the check boxes are dithered and cannot be selected. Is that normal?
  2. Thanks. Your efforts are much appreciated.
  3. The computer name is c28048-a. I am pretty sure I did re-run a PC Matic scan after upgrading to IE8 and changing display settings. But to be sure, I just did it again. No change. I did notice this time that the Wh of Whitelist is showing above the vertical slider on the Installed Services list. It appears to me there is a problem with wrapping of displayed services and vendors. For the service DirectUpdate Engine, PC Matic shows the vendor as http://directupdate.net/, which does not wrap like other vendor names and appears to be pushing the Whitelist out of view. I would also
  4. The computer in question was using IE7, but I did upgrade to IE8 to see if that helped. No change. I access the computer as well as a couple of other computers primarily using remote desktop. When using RDT, the resolution is 1440x900 on all three of these computers. Two are not experiencing the problem with the services check boxes. When I directly access the problem computer with physical monitor, the resolution is set to 1152x864 using its NVIDIA adapter. I tried changing to 1280x1024, but there was no difference in results.
  5. I was able to correct my problem with Neat works on one computer, but I have a similar problem with services on another computer. That computer is having my Linksys media server disabled every time PC Matic runs. When I run a manual scan and go to services, there is no column for white list on the services page. Also, the auto fix option is not enabled. Is there any reason why this one computer does not show a white list option? I have four other computers using PC Matic that do have the option available. Thanks for you help.
  6. Thanks for the help. I believe this will fix my problem. From what I am seeing, this has to be done with a manual scan. It appears the auto fix is a standard part of a scheduled scan. Thanks, again.
  7. I recently have noticed some services are being disabled during scheduled scans. This does not seem to happen with on-demand scans. The email report shows something like: "The NeatWorksDatabaseController service was optimized." From what I can see, optimized means the service is set to manual in the services panel and has to be manually started when needed. This has happened to several services I use regularly. Is there a way to white list these services to prevent the "optimization" of needed programs? I have looked for related topics in the forum but was unable to find anythin
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