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  1. :(Finally bit the bullet and did a complete re-install of my windows vista operating system. Now able to run PCMatic again! Clearly there were serious problems which had developed in the OS. Thanks, Alan
  2. I keep getting stopped at every stage with this, System Restore from Safe Mode is prevented for some reason. As PCMatic is the only application which is failing so I'm not going to do anything more meantime unless you have some other ideas. Alan
  3. Thanks for this suggestion, but there is clearly a significant system problem. All of my restore points have disappeared and I cannot even create a new one. I get an error message about the shadow copy provider if I try. Alan
  4. WMI repair failed which led to SFC/SCANNOW which reported errors which it fixed. However repeating SFC.... reported errors again!! Looks like I will need a repair install of Vista - if I can remember where I put the installation disks! Alan
  5. Downloaded and ran Remove-All.cmd as advised. PCMatic then installed new controls but went on to give same message "Registry: Unable to open StdRegPro" this was followed by "File: PCMaticUI-main.js?7459 Line 2051 Error: Unable to get value of the property 'SetString': object is null or undefined" Alan
  6. I have been using PCMatic for years and suddenly it is misbehaving badly on 1 of my 3 computers. On startup I get the error message "Registry: Unable to open StdRegProv," then "in SetAffiliateInfo". The OS is Windows Vista and I am logged in with an administrator account. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing PCMatic several times but the error continues. Any suggestions, do I need to do a clean install and if so how? Alan, (puzzled and getting annoyed )
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