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  1. There is always alot of guests viewing shortly after a newsletter release.
  2. Like didn't that happen in the 80's. San Fernando valley. Like where have you been like the last 20 years, like England?
  3. How many beers did you spill on it?
  4. Is the language corret in "Control Panel-Keyboard"
  5. Any updates for IE 6 will come from Windows Updates. You can get IE 7 Beta here. http://www.filemirrors.com/search.src?type...exe&action=Find
  6. I should have just used Goggle. Apparently it's just an on-demand virus scanner.
  7. Has anyone had any experience with this AntiVirus program? Would like to know how it compares to other free A/V programs. I currently use AVG 7 but am thinking about switching. Thanks
  8. I believe "Ctrl+Shift+8" will turn off the display of nonprinting characters.
  9. I got 7 critical today. XP SP2
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