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  1. It was a network issue. I was getting 8 MB to 20 MB download speeds and the upload test would fail to start. (speakeasy.net\speedtest) Once I shut down the server, rebooted the Comcast modem and routers the network issues resolved and this error went away. However I'm now getting a new error. When scanning (PC Matic) it will only complete the scan if I turn off the virus scan. Otherwise I get a PC Matic has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. error. Should I open this as a new issue? Steve
  2. I am getting same error while doing a scan, happens at different points in the scan. Per your suggestion, I shut off my firewall - same issue. I am scanning because this system has slow response on the internet, so it could be a timing issue with this PC... Steve
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