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  1. Plates - Plates of Meat - Feet (right). Sore point - no police cars for me since I wrote one off back in March and the Garage Sergeant gave me 12 months police driving suspension (behind a desk)
  2. Would have happily taken a draw (and Ecuador) at the start of 90 minutes but was gutted and disappointed with our defence on both goals.
  3. Its gone 9 o'clock (10 in Germany) Walcott is tucked up in bed ! . . . Not been about for a while. WIGAN thanks for the birthday shout back on the 1st
  4. I know its hot over here at the moment. Could it be a temp warning BEEP alerting you that theres too much heat inside the case. Take a side panel off and see if this stops the noise. If it does you might need to fit more fans or re-apply heat sink to you CPU (I've had to do this in the past where our British summers have cooked my heat sink). I know my motherboard is a Gigabyte and I can turn up the temp warning alert to a high number to stop the beeping so early.
  5. No that is not true. Just because you have a Yahoo ID do not mean you have an e-mail address with Yahoo. You could be using AOL / Hotmail or any other provider. When you sign up with Yahoo Messenger it asks you to provide a current e-mail address (and suggests you create a Yahoo address with them ) but you can use any address whatsoever.
  6. I think I'm right in saying that just because you have somebody's Yahoo ID it does not mean that you also have their e-mail address. I just checked my Yahoo Messenger (I only have a few contacts) and one of them does not include an e-mail address. If you right click on the name options will be displayed.The first say send an instant message, second is the person's e-mail address and third is making an internet call. If you do not have the e-mail address between instant message / internet call then you don't have their address. You could also check the person's profile to see if they include their e-mail address here. Also I don't think you have to have a yahoo e-mail account to have a Yahoo ID, therefore some of your contacts may not use a yahoo for checking e-mails.
  7. I don't know about that . . . looks like a lot of us are hanging about in this thread
  8. Tracy, I've avoided posting in these threads so far but I have to point out that at the time police officers fired they were unaware that Menezes was an "innocent" person. As for the officers facing jail time there is already an ongoing case were SO19 (armed) officers are looking at being prosecuted for shooting a man they believed were armed (he was actually carrying a table leg). Another armed officers have threatened to lay down their arms in support if charges are brought against them. If all armed officers refused to carry guns then this would leave London defenseless. Contrary to popular belief our yellow hi-viz jackets are not bomb proof and with only a small amount of officers actually trained to carry guns the pressure on them at the moment is immense. Give me hindsight and I will gladly carry a firearm.
  9. The man is sewing a button back on the other blokes shirt . . . whats the problem there then ?
  10. I own an L reg Vauxhall Astra which (unfortunately and unusually) looks like a Vauxhall Belmont. To put this in perspective this car is so crap you can't even get a decent picture of it through Google. Dream car - BMW Z3 Although I would like to take the opportunity to say that I do drive police cars - which is just the greatest buzz you can get
  11. What an :censored: - he should really save his breath for blowing up his girlfriend. Getting back to the subject in hand . . . The London concert went on soooo long last night the majority of people slept in the park overnight and travelled back this morning. I did a fun-run around London this morning and there were all these bleary eyed people looking like zombies just wandering the streets wanting to go home. And then theres the clean up Clean Up
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