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  1. Ooopppppps!!! I missed the fact that JoScMa was using Norton in his post. Sorry..
  2. JoScMa :welcome: Remove the *%@* Pest. Try this free trial.
  3. Also look at the info here, How to Stay Safe on the Internet
  4. :help: Scampie has verrry, verryyyyy, verrrrrrrryyyyyyyy bad gas!!!!!!!!!!! Scampie.. But she is still my best friend.....
  5. Could be the floppy drive went to the land of no return. Probaly need to replace it. Mine was doing that, I would put in a brand floppy and I could not format it. I ended up replacing it..
  6. 1966, It would be a wise idea to do a complete and through clean out of your system. Since I have no idea what you have done so far. I will go as if nothing has been done. Pretty easy just follow the simple suggestions. If you have already done it then go to the next step. First download CleanUp and cleanup all the temp files. If you haven't already checked for nasty little bugs ( you know spyware) Please download, update and run this. Spybot Search and Destroy Install this one first, then install the #2 Spybot Download Spybot Spybot #2 download How to use Spybot. Check and fix anything in red. Then download, up date and run this. Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition Ad-Aware SE downloadAlso download the VX2 Cleaner plug-in and run it. Fix what comes up. How to use Ad-Aware Then go here and run a free virus scan TrndMicro Free online scan Also here Panda Online Scan Then scan for Trojans here; Free Trojan online scan Another free online Trojan scan Please download Hi-JackThis. Hijack This Hi-Jack This is a very powerful tool and a safe tool as long as you follow the instructions exactly as shown. First Place_Hi-jack This in a permanent folder. Here's how to make a permanent folder: Click My Computer, then C:\ In the menu bar, File->New->Folder. That will create a folder named New Folder, which you can rename to "HJT" or "HijackThis". Now you have C:\HJT\ folder. Put your HijackThis.exe there, and double click to run it. Then post the hijack log back here. To do that, Open HJT, select run scan, then save log. Copy and paste the log back Here for someone to look at. Do not fix anything yet. Then wait for one of the Trusted Hi-Jack This Advisors To check your log. It may take a little while as they are busy looking at logs for others. After getting everything cleaned out you might want to download this, it helps keep the bugs out. And it's free. Keep the bugs out. When you have been given a "Clean Bill of Health" turn system restore back on.
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