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  1. We ended up taking it in to be sent for service/repair, which they will do for no charge. I'll definitely see about getting the SSD either way. From what I see in owners manual (for both of our laptops) should be able to go up to 512GB M2.2280 SSD. May also add 2nd stick of RAM to double up.

  2. Going to keep an eye on things for a bit and see if it cleared things up completely, but seems to be doing better now that we uninstalled Windows Updates that were for Flash Player. Looking into completely removing Flash from both our laptops, seems there was supposed to be an update (KB4577586) that removes it. But that update isn't showing for either of us. May have to get it via the update catalog only.


    Either way, as soon as possible, going to get her an SSD.

  3. Ran the tweaking.com tool and it found and fixed some errors. One was nvidia container, there was some it didn't say in file system check and 2 that were for hyperv. Can't do much on discharging the system as I have no clue how to remove battery, seems to be inside the laptop. It's not an owned machine, on rent to own from Aaron's.


    Seems to still be an issue though. It shows 100% disk use in task manager, all listed tasks show 0 MB/s so very difficult to know what's causing the disk use. File manager shows 308GB free out of 930GB, we are working on removing some programs that are no longer used.


    Thanks very much though for all the tips and suggestions.

  4. We were able to finally remove Chrome by deleting the Google folder in C://Users/UserName/AppData/Local and that got Chrome uninstall to finally finish. Took almost an hour for that folder to delete. It helped a little bit. More so, we disabled SuperFetch (SysMain) in msconfig and that seemed to help a bit more. But it will run good for a couple minutes before jumping back up to 100% disk usage again. Every process listed in task manage shows 0 MB/s throughput but it shows disk at 100%. Highest ones show occasionally as System and BITS. I'm wondering if a corrupt or missing driver, perhaps for storage controller. Wondering if a reinstall of Windows would be a remedy as this issue just started within the past month.


    Any easy way to find out what kind of SSD I can put in it without opening up the whole machine? Been hearing there should be possibly an M2 slot on mobo. Otherwise, it would be swapping in a SATA type one as exchange to the standard HDD.

  5. OK, we'll give that a try and see how it goes. Not sure what will happen though, already tried to uninstall Chrome and it never starts the uninstall process from add/remove programs. We did already defrag and run disk cleanup, no difference. Wondering if some issue with a driver gone missing or some corrupt files. Always willing to try anything that may solve this one, and it's a tricky one.

  6. CPU usage 1 - 2% when idle, Memory usually no higher than 45% even with programs open. It's always just HDD at 100% constantly and Task Manager will freeze up for minutes at a time then shows nothing is using disk but it's at 100% load anyways. No missing updates. We tried doing a full factory reset and it won't even do that, gives an error about having administrator do it or getting a disk. It's Windows 10 and should have latest version update.

  7. My wife is having issues on her laptop where it's constantly freezing, Task Manager is showing disk load at 100% all the time, but no programs are showing any throughput to indicate what is causing the full load.


    Laptop is an Acer Aspire 7 (A717-72G-53P7)

    Intel i5-8300H, nVidia GTX 1050 (4GB GDDR5), 8 GB DDR4 system RAM and 1TB HDD


    This is the HDD that came in the laptop



    I'm looking into whether it can take an SSD drive as well and what capacity so we can put one in for upgrade.


    So far we have tried almost every option on this page



    None of these has fixed the problem at all. We're currently checking Acer's site for any driver updates to see what may help. Even Check Disk ran and found no issues with HDD. I can run a disk utility from Toshiba to get all the SMART stats and see if the drive is starting to fail. Any other tips or ideas?

  8. Hmmm, ran into a snag with my client. Maybe there's an updated version I need to switch up to? Haven't been able to get any new CPU WUs for about 48 hours now, just sitting at download status with everything showing as unknown. GPU WUs are still running and download just fine, though, they never finish and then I get no credit.


    I'm running an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega 8, runs 8 logical CPU cores and also an independent GPU (not sure of exact specs). GPU work won't finish or credit because on web control page it shows that my machine has 1.75 days to complete, but it will take 3.50 days for it to actually get the work done. Seems pointless to download and start work that is not possible to complete within the limit. Plus it's costing me 50k - 60k points (for each WU that I lose out running) that could count towards our wonderful team here... so that's about 150k or so points that could have been in the past 2 days. And I'm only about 20k away from the 1M milestone 😞


    I can check again to be sure my system is all updated, but last manual update check I only seen there's one for HP firmware that's listed as optional.

  9. Went back to the local store and they said could be a bad modem (xFi Gateway from xFinity). They gave us a new one and instructions how to set it up properly.

    It's all set up right, has to be done via smartphone app. There is a test via the app to show speed to the gateway, comes up at 1,192 Mbps out of 1,000 Mbps.

    Yet web pages and everything are still hesitating to load. Online speed test pages are even giving error messages that the test can not complete due to a problem with the network.

    Any other ideas or suggestions?

  10. We got Xfinity gigabit internet setup, using their supplied xFi gateway. Speed tests will report anywhere from 0.5Mbps to 475Mbps down speed. We have 2 laptops connected via ethernet cables. Both laptops have Realtek Gbe family network ports. I've already called for a signal reset and that didn't seem to change anything. Their modem diagnostic test reports that everything is functioning correctly. Even websites like here on PC Matic forum takes quite a bit of time to load, almost as if the connection is dropped then reconnected again.


    Is it possible the xFi gateway needs a firmware update? Should I contact tech support?

  11. Anything specific that would cause a portrait photo to upload and display as a landscape photo? So basically it's being displayed rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

    I've tried different browsers, clearing system cache, ran CCleaner, checked to be sure the photos display correctly on my laptop. Nothing seems to change the outcome of the upload and the photos just keep showing rotated on the website I'm adding them to.

  12. I now have Windows Defender blocking me from installing CCleaner and won't allow me to run Malwarebytes, claiming they are PUA's. I'll have to get a better virus protection on here I guess. HP loves to setup their machines with McAfee Live, but I hate that program and refuse to pay for it since the trial is run out. I do remember in the past I've run Avira and AVG on some older (Pentium 4) machines in WinXP. Any good recommendation?


    I think so far the only thing I really truly hate in regards to Win10 is that it seems to keep wanting to push M$ products on my and almost demands that I set my default for Bing search engine. Besides for that, I haven't personally had any major stability issues. Only a need for updated audio driver to correct a problem with sound auto muting while volume at any level.

  13. Read an article on Forbes yesterday that really makes me think about ditching Windows altogether again.




    Sounds like a good deal to me for sure, and I'm sure much less bugs and problems that cause headaches. I've always said I'd choose open source over any other option.


    Think this is the site to get it. May prep up some USB drives to make a bootable and see how it goes.


  14. Today (so far) I had 2 CPU and 1 GPU WUs finish up. On my client it said I'd get 70k for the GPU one. Well I'm seeing on the [ExtremeOverclocking] site that I didn't get anywhere near that for actual credit. Looks like 2,225 points at 6am, 123 points at 9am, 2,391 points at 3pm. Definitely seems there is some sort of problem.

    And pretty sure the GPU scheduling is not an option for me since my machine is running a Ryzen 5 3500u with Radeon Vega 8 graphics, that option is only available on NVidia GPUs at the moment.


    Could be issues due to some Windows updates (Version 2004 specifically) from what I've read. Hopefully there's a new update in the near future to resolve things.

  15. I'm running client 7.6.13 on Win10 2004 (no skipped updates), my client just randomly stopped running with no errors and for no apparent reason. Get it to start back up and it continues CPU wu just fine, but threw away good GPU wu at around 92% complete and now downloading a new one. Just lost out on ~70k points! 🤬


    Is there a newer client I should use? Or an older one? Issues with Windows bugs?

  16. Alcatel phone on AT&T prepaid. Trying to install any app via play store (Android phone) it will just say waiting for download, get to 100% downloaded and then just start trying to download again. It won't ever try to install. There's plenty of storage space available, or at least should be since many apps have been removed and not much else installed besides for Android system. I believe the phone has built in 8GB or 16GB of storage and we even put in a 16GB micro SD.


    Any suggestions?

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