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  1. thank you for you wonderful support and quick response. i really appreciate it and am glad for the help so thanks again. open the window and the current file version for advpack.dll is 8.0.6001.18702. I did turn the computer off and restart and that seem to solve the issue tom. i did download other fix .net applications from the microsoft site. thanks so much. you guys are so cool
  2. I hope you can help an not so computer savy person like me: I recently deceided it would be best to start from scratch and redo or rebuild my computer so I rolled back to factory disks and reinstalled by individual software: all is fine until I start rebuilding the .net software from the windows site. I start with 1.1 net then graduated to 2.0 redistribution, and while downloading received this error: Error creating process <C:\docume~1\gayle\locals~1\temp\IxP---.Tmp\install.exe>. Reason:C:\windows\system32\advpack.dll Now I assume it is because the old user directory "gayle
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