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  1. Hi Good News!! I have received the Shuttle back from the retailer and they replaced the Motherboard with an identical new one, checked that the Onboard components were working as expected and left me with a screenshot of the system window showing a full 32GB RAM. So I am really pleased to be proved wrong here - excellent customer service with no problems at all: http://www.icubes.co.uk/ Thanks for all of your help. Rich
  2. Hi Thanks for your input on resolving this problem but I fear I have been a little premature with my diagnosis. I followed up on the suggestion from caintry_boy and found the receipt for the shuttle and have now sent it back for repair. I've never held out much hope as far as warranty's go - here in Rip-Off Britain we are told they aren't worth the paper they are written on. But I got in touch anyway and a repair was the first thing they suggested so hopefully that'll prove me wrong... I'll let you know what they say... Thanks for your help, Rich
  3. Hi Sorry for the delay in updating this thread. I ran a Memtest which produced no errors. While I’ve been trying to swap the memory around, I was checking the system spec with Belarc advisor and I just had an idea that I would determine the slots which the computer says are full (Channel A DIMM0 and Channel B DIMM0.) Then I transferred the same sticks into the so-called ‘Empty’ slots. When I booted up the ‘Full’ slots were empty (which they were) and the ‘Empty’ slots were full. I had hoped that this would provoke the memory to register correctly however when I put all the memory back in the system still says there is only 16Gb. I gather this is going to confirm your suspicions that it is the MOBO or the CPU that is at fault? Is this because it is an inherant fault - I notice some people are saying that they wouldn't touch another shuttle having already been burnt once? If I need to replace the MOBO then is it really worth trying to fix up the shuttle - should I cut my losses and find a better way. I ideally need something that I can transport fairly easily - but I don't really want a notebook because there is very little scope for upgrades or repairs... Any ideas how to progress? Thanks, Rich
  4. Hi all I managed to borrow a PCIe x16 video card and the good news is that the shuttle still works. Unfortunately, something is not right because I tried flashing the BIOS and running windows update (Windows 7, by the way) and then I took the card out and reverted back to onboard video but all I got was a blank screen (so I’ve put the card back in again.) Curiously I’ve only got two memory chips working at 16Gb where I should have 4 working at 32Gb (Corsair Vengence DDR.) Does this mean that areas of the CPU (quad core i5 3770) are not processing the hardware properly?? Any ideas? Thanks, I appreciate your time on this, Rich
  5. Hi I have been using onboard video - as I don't have a PCI Express card I was trying to explore other options but on second thoughts I may be able to get hold of a video card from a friend, not until after this weekend though. I'll see what I can find out and report back. Thanks, Rich
  6. Hi all I bought a SZ77R5 Small Form Factor Shuttle PC less than 2 years ago and about 3 weeks ago it stopped booting up (or showing any video at all) and I can’t hear a POST either. I have taken both of my Solid State Drive’s out and plugged them into my other desktop and they are still working fine and the data is safe but going back to the shuttle, I still got nothing on screen. Since then I have taken my ram out of slot 1 altogether and put the ram from slot 2 into slot 1 (8GB Corsair Vengeance.) Still I get nothing – no video or POST – just a blank screen. I have tried the video output to two different monitors through different ports (DVI and HDMI) but nothing works. Has the motherboard had it? Do you have a suggestion for getting a more reliable Small Form Factor PC? I need it to be fairly compact so that I can transport it on a handful of occasions throughout the year (possibly around 6 or 7 times but definitely less than 10.) Any help with this would be much appreciated. Rich
  7. HelloThank you for reading this thread and thanks to wdeydwondrer for your comment. It would seem that I am not the only person interested in getting WiDi technology in a desktop machine after all!! There are in fact many people who want to enable this feature as I found out when I posted a similar thread to this one on the Intel Support Community forum which you can read here:https://communities.intel.com/message/201152#201152In that thread a user called joe_intel was less than confident about solving my issues. There had been other users who were “testing the water” by posting comments such as “Desktop WiDi” as recently as just a few weeks ago. I don’t know how I missed them – they must’ve been hidden away where I couldn’t spot them. In those cases, joe_intel told them the same as he told me (paraphrased):The system is custom built, WiDi was not preinstalled, the wireless adapter integration has not be validated or certified. The wireless adapters are meant to be professionally installed by OEM technicians. And finally that the wrong adapters are being used (Intel recommend one from the “For Desktop” range! I did not want one that would have an antenna suspended in mid-air outside of the machine.)At the bottom of Joe’s comment you will see that his only other solution is to roll back the driver. He directed me to http://communities.intel.com/message/198908#198908 where some people who had got WiDi working went on to describe a blank (black) screen after the graphics driver was updated. They got it working again by rolling the driver back. So I went to the download center and installed the following graphics file (for Desktop machines): Version ( for 3rd generation CPU. I wasn’t sure if I would need to reinstall the Wireless PROSet and WiDi software to maintain the order that Intel are requiring but I decided to give it a go anyway. The Acer Touchscreen T231H (not the Samsung Smart TV) started displaying the desktop before the WiDi software finished verifying the adapter! :)There is however a problem in that the screen keeps disconnecting itself in much the same way that other users of these forums have described. I am hoping that this temperamental nature is just a teething problem and will go away but I have my doubts. Can anybody point me in the direction of an answer to this next hurdle?(Maybe this post will help someone else get their equipment working too!)Many thanks for your time once again.Rich
  8. Hello Back in March I was asking a question on this forum about which Wireless PCIe card to purchase for my Shuttle SZ77R5. You may remember that this is a desktop machine with an Intel i7 3770 3.4Ghz Socket 1155 CPU which I bought to take advantage of the Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) technology. To update you, I got an Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (with 3 UF.L sockets) from amazon.co.uk along with 2x Internal 3G/4G WWAN / WLAN Wireless Antenna. This allowed me to connect the wires from one of the antenna to sockets 1 and 2, then I connected one of the wires from the other antenna to socket 3. The remaining wire I strapped up inside the case along with any excess wire so that there was no chance of anything shorting out whilst moving the shuttle around. Having tested the wireless I was pleased to find it picked up both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz signals from my dual –band router without any problem. The next step was to wait as the Netgear Push2TV3000 did not arrive in the UK until the end of June. Trying to get it to work was even harder and I soon ended up chatting to several Netgear operators over several hours. For reasons that I wont bore you with now, I ended up sending the PTV3000 back to the outlet I bought it from as I figured there must have been something wrong with it. Now the replacement has arrived and I still can’t quite get it to work properly. I have wiped the hard disk clean and re-installed Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit. I carefully installed the software in exactly the right order 1. Graphics 2. Wireless adaptor 3. Intel WiDi 4. WiDi Widget (optional). The WiDi software doesn’t generally have a problem finding the PTV3000, (unless it gets confused in which case I just remove the power for about 10 seconds.) When I click connect it then says that it is connecting and both the TV and the monitor flash a blank display as if it were successful but unfortunately the TV display just stays blank (black screen.) Other errors that I have experienced are “HDCP authentication failed” (on TV screen) which I thought I had resolved by buying a HDCP compliant HDMI cable, “RTSP closed by the source” (also on TV screen) – not sure what that means and "One or more of the required Intel ® WiDi audio devices has been disabled or removed. Intel ® WiDi cannot stream without these audio devices. Please enable these audio devices or reinstall Intel ® WiDi." (as shown on the PC monitor.) Has anybody had any success with solving WiDi problems – especially those with desktop machines? Any suggestions will be gratefully received!! Thanks for your time. Rich
  9. Hello, sorry it has taken such a long time to get back to you. I believe the problem is solved - I had a look at the date of the driver for the wireless adapter inside my Aunties laptop and found it to be about 3 years out of date. Although the Acer website was not bringing up a newer driver I did a Google search of the specific name of the adapter and found one on the Atheros website which was released at the end of May. Great I thought - it took a bit of perseverance to get it to download but once I did, I installed it and I got 4-5 bars of signal strength. The speed test brought up a great result with very little loss over the wired connections and now my Auntie can use her laptop in the sitting room so she was really impressed! I guess the moral of the story is that the problem can be right under your nose you just have to be looking in the right place. I hope this information helps someone else - I didn't want to leave the question unanswered because I don't think that is fair when people are trying to figure something out for you (it really annoys me when people don't update their thread as 'Problem Solved!') Many thanks for all your comments. Rich
  10. Hi Thanks for your input. The laptop is about 6 months old (Acer 5742, I got it set up for my Aunt) and if I remember rightly the weak signal was there from the start. I would not like to suggest reinstalling windows at this point but I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. My gut instinct is telling me that it's just a setting somewhere and I should be able to find out if that is the case when I visit them next (hopefully sometime this week). I have several things I can try to give the signal a boost (see my previous post). I do now have a smartphone which I could connect and that might narrow my search down a bit. I'll also take my own laptop over and connect using that too. Thanks once again, Rich
  11. Thank you Y Very interesting info there - I wasn't aware of the procedure so it's always useful to learn new techniques. The only problem with buying a wireless N router is that it's not my money to spend but it's a possible solution that I'd have to consider if all else fails. In the meantime you have put me on to something other things I'd like to try - I have a Devolo Wireless N Starter Kit connected to my router (DG834Gv1) at home. I'd be interested to find out how the signal on that compares to the Netgear in a like for like situation. I could also try matching the settings on my router to their router. My house is semi detached (I reckon circa 1950) and the signal has to reach through 2 walls and a ceiling. There is one dead spot in the sitting room (thus the reason I bought the Devolo) but otherwise I consider it to be strong enough for my needs. My Uncle's house is a bungalow and much younger than mine and I can't get the signal to literally reach round the corner!! And so you see the reason I created this thread. If matching the settings doesn't work then I guess I could try using my router on their network and see if that solves the problem (I have ordered a new router for delivery this week so the old Netgear will be spare for when such a 'challenge' arises) I'll keep you posted. Rich
  12. Hello again Y, There is a very large wooden cabinet right behind the chair that is in the sitting room. so I shall try turning the router to see if this helps make the signal stronger. I did load the inSSIDer utility at one point and if I remember correctly the router was on channel 11, and as one of the neighbours was on 6, I changed to 1 to see if that made a difference, which I think it did, slightly! Somehow I must help my Uncle, in particular, see that technology is a useful tool that he can take advantage of, but to be honest, it is like pushing water uphill!! Thanks, Rich
  13. Hello Thank you for your reply. The router is a DG834G v4 and the speed is 54Mb/s. I think the advertised speed is "up to 8Mb/s" but I don't think they know anymore than me about what they are getting. I have not tried to hard boot the devices so that is something that I must try when I go to visit them next. (By the way, the router is a modem router). What else do I need to try after that? So to be so vague but it is hard because when I try to instruct them over the phone, they tend to get very frustrated and things get very complicated. It is just easier on them to wait until I can follow procedures myself. Thanks again for all your help. Rich
  14. Hello I wonder if someone might be able to solve a problem that I am having with my Uncle and Aunt’s wireless signal. They have two desktops and a laptop, connecting via a Netgear router, all of which I set up for them. The desktops connect via Ethernet cables and reach speeds of 6.5Mb/s. If I sit next to the router in the hallway, the laptop also reaches the same approximate speed and the wireless signal is 5 bars. But if I enter the sitting room and sit in a chair literally on the other side of the wall to where the router is positioned, the signal just drops off to 1 bar. Trying to access a website like Speedtest is pointless as it just gives up. I have tried changing channels from 11 to 6 and 1 and I found that channel 1 was probably the strongest for speed. It is not easy for me to get to their house from where I live so I was wondering if there is anything else I need to know before I visit them again. I can’t really take up too much of their time by constantly visiting them to try different things out. I know I must be missing something but I can’t figure out what. If anyone has any idea’s to help me out I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks, Rich
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