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  1. this running 2 anti-v @ the same time seems to be an issue??? i have ran AVG and Norton Corp together on the same system for atleast 2 years and NP no virus or issues and these programs run on our network. So please try something before posting help that not helpful. (NO OFFENCE) There are a few things to try - 1) PSU 2)SWITCH 3)HIJACKTIS good luck
  2. no offence man but you really need to listen to the advise because its good. 2 things will give u beep codes like u get RAM & VIDEO besure ur video card is seated properly put a little pressure on the top and push down, if it has a lock to hold card in place just move it a little out of the way. if ur memory is seated correctly u may have some compatability issues with the memory u r using ( try a different stick) Good luck
  3. well now i know why i don't have a Dell just spent 1 hour on the phone and according to dell tech support the systems must be formated and the OS reinstalled to get the full admin rights. i call BS there has 2 be a way to unhide the admin account in XP Home as thats the work around. i have been looking around and it seems that other software/games that has the same problem with XP Home but nowhere does it show a fix. thanxs for all who replyed :beer: :beer:
  4. Thanxs for reply, the account is Computer admin (DEFAULT) but its limited to what u can do/install.if i boot to safe mode i can use the administrator but cannot install in safe mode. i also found a reg hack but it will not work for the dell/XP Home ???? Colin
  5. thanxs for reply, in XP Pro its not a problem i work with it every day but i don't believe there is a local users and groups in XP Home. i could be wrong ?? maybe somone who runs XP Home could take a look.(please) Colin
  6. thanxs for the reply, this is correct but in xp home how do u get full system right- and thats what the problem is but how do i switch to full system unrestricted rights in XP Home. thanxs
  7. hey there, i tried the above and no luck. this is XP Home and a Dell(???) when i try to login to the admin account i get the message "account restricted" maybe i should call Dell and wait for an hour on hold? thanxs for the help
  8. thanxs guys, i will try as u suggest. Colin
  9. i used the search but cannot find any info on this(unhide XP Home Admin) I am trying to install software on an XP Home machine but i cannot do the install as it needs Admin rights so here is what i have tried. 1)account is set as computer administrator(not admin) 2)ctl/alt/del only shows above account 3)start>switch user--does not show admin account(hidden) 4)boot to safe mode login as admin but cannot install in safe mode. 5)control panel>user account (does not show admin account) in XP Pro this is accessed through the computer management>local user and groups(not
  10. hey there, if i were u i would try another(different) stick of ram in the system and then try to bootup. if the ram is bad the system will do the same thing. if that does not work take it out of the case and do a bench test. if u take the board to the place u purchased the will do a bench test with different memory/cpu/video and if it post u will feel(YA KNOW) just my 2 cents good luck Colin
  11. i agree with mohawkwarrior,bittorent is good all u have to do is be patient. Colin
  12. my 2 cents Acer excellent warranty and excellent quality/price-we have not had any returns and my costomers seem to like them. check them out before u buy. Colin
  13. hey there, i had a few of the kids cd's get all scrached up-i made an image file of the disk and rewrote the image and the cd worked fine. worth a try. good luck, Colin
  14. hello again, it should work from the run,try going to the cmd and running the sfc /scannow --START>run>cmd>sfc /scannow ya u will have to put the XP cd in the drive. Good luck
  15. hey there have u tried to run a system restore? if that does not work try and run the SFC(system files checker) as ur running XP u can go to --start>run>sfc /scannow --be sure to have the disk in ur drive. i hope this is of some help 2 u Colin
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