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  1. So your computer connects to internet when it is in safe mode with networking. It shows some software or active process on your computer while in normal mode prevent you from accessing internet. Have you installed Firewall?If yes check any programs try to access Internet without your knowledge ? Do a full system scan to avoid any infection.
  2. sijugk

    Windows; Its Over

    I am sorry for the bad sentence framing. badbinary is true, I mean Windows 8 is specifically targetted to reduce the influence of Android in mobile/tablet world. May be MS thinks like providing the same platform for Desktops and phones makes users more happy. A Wild guess
  3. My preferred browsers are Google Chrome and Firefox. I rarely use Internet Explorer.
  4. sijugk

    Windows; Its Over

    Now Dell sells PCs with preinstalled Windows 8 only. There is a contract between MS and Dell so Dell is no longer able to seel PCs without Windows in it. Anyway Windows 8 is actually aimed to Android.
  5. This 169.254.X.X IP address is not from your wireless router. It is APIPA (from default windows address). It means your printer is not connected to your wireless network or failed to receive IP address from your router. If you can access Printer settings page try to connect to the wireless network using the right wireless key.
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