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  1. PS Can anyone tell me how to extricate myself from this mess? Now when I Restart via the START function, the pc takes a ridiculously long time to reintroduce the icons when starting. Wallpaper comes on just as before, but the icons are forever in reappearing. In a nutshell, it is no longer possible for me to click the "Restart" icon I created, OR do it from the old START position at all, as neither functions now. Totally screwed my pc up bigtime. Thanks
  2. Uh huh. Did as instructed, pc went into restart mode, then, when returning back to life brought up a screen sans icons. Problem was, and its my fault for not inquiring as to the Windows version the instructions were for, I'm using XP and it took me a frantic minute to fix the problem as nothing was operable from the mouse or keyboard. In other words, frozen and for intents and purposes, crashed to the 9's. Again; my fault for thinking that no one would publish data that could be harmful. Especially on a PC Pitstop board. And for someone who actually was awarded a financial prize for crashing me. Actually registered just to respond to this situation, and am going to drop pc pitstop, all of its affiliations & products, and do my small part to spread the word that it's hazardous to one's computer health. Thanks again Fits USMC E-8 (Retired)
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