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  1. Bruce, Thanks for the constructive criticism. You are correct that our applications and scan on our website (betapit/overdrive) do in fact use activex which is old technology and there are different ways to do things now. However, you are making it sound like we're losing customers because our products only work with IE and most people don't use IE anymore. Our betapit (overdrive) scan on our website is such a microscopic piece of what PC Pitstop is doing and while we try to keep it up to date we certainly do not focus on it. PC Matic, PC Magnum, Optimize, and Supershield are our
  2. Yes that's correct, W3i LLC is a known adware distributor however that's who signed music oasis so if we implement some sort of blacklist for digital signatures then you can't install music oasis itself
  3. I downloaded Music Oasis myself on my vm and supershield blocked most of the junk. It blocked cookieman.exe, YontooSetup-DropDownDeals-SilentInstaller.exe, and C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEInstal.exe. It did not block yahoo toolbar, netassistant_ie.exe, we-care, or weatherbug. Lots of people use yahoo toolbar and weatherbug even though I'd view them both as junk. I have overridden the database entry to now block netassistant_ie.exe. Each time you rerun this music oasis installer it picks a new set of junk to install on your system. I didn't run it enough times to loop through the
  4. Feel free to continue to weave whatever web you'd like. That is our product on our homepage with our own affiliate code that our own installer reads so that our own servers know where that product was downloaded from. Please do not threaten our staff members. This forum thread looks exactly how the ticket does now. PC Pitstop has done everything we can to help you out. Yes you did mention in the ticket that you had many problems with the software. All of which you refuse to elaborate on so that we can resolve them for you. You have my full attention and dedication to solve any probl
  5. I'm not sure how this relates to ca? I was letting you know that I reproduced and understood your problem and was taking immediate action so it didn't affect other users and told you how to achieve what the product was trying to do manually. I told you that was a personal opinion. If you understood the details of how system restore worked you might agree. System restore only restores certain files leaving others behind. It is trying to achieve a very complicated task of restoring a broken computer. There is room for error in there and it is not an ideal, perfect restore as a full disk im
  6. I just had a long conversation with the developer who wrote the installer and who was responsible for the conscious decision to leave behind these files. Our installer works much like all installers out there: it removes what it installs but not necessarily everything that gets created as a result of the program. The exterminate3 / ca files are files that get downloaded by our product while it is in use. They are the malware definitions files and binaries responsible for doing the malware scan. They are not removed for the following reasons: 1) they were not installed by the installer 2)
  7. Multiple of our products rely on the Exterminate3 files to do a malware scan. We have 3 products using this and these files are part of CA's installer for their malware engine. However you are right, we could add a check to our uninstaller to make sure that none of the products using this are there and if not to remove these files. The only downside there is that you will need to do a full malware definitions download the next time you install so if you're just updating with a new installer then your next scan will likely take some time. I will talk to the other developers and look into addres
  8. Revo Uninstaller is a professional tool designed to remove junk that uninstallers miss. They must have a bug since they have missed all the files we leave behind. Please let us know what you searched for we would be happy to have a look and resolve this issue for you. We aren't covering anything up. Our entire communication is right here for the world to see. If you have a problem with the product, we are always here to help you. Please provide us with information so we can resolve all of these problems. I am not sure what this is referring to. I have great customer concern. I'm
  9. It's funny you should mention that because I personally agree with you and that exact point was brought up to this particular customer. In my opinion, using system restore puts your system in a state where you have no idea which changes you've made to your system are in place and which aren't. I have never used it in my life and would only restore a computer in a manner similar to that if it was to get it to a point where I could back up vital files and then do a fresh windows install. System restore is often relied on by novice computer users because they view it as a way to "undo" harmful sy
  10. Customer reported a very small problem with the application. The problem is that in certain cases using xp, after PC Matic resizes system restore to the recommended size, after a reboot this value could be reverted back to what it was by windows. Absolutely no harm is done as a result of this problem, it is just that the fix to the system restore size does not "stick". This bug is "worse than anticipated" in the fact that it affects more users than we initially thought. System restore cleaning in pcmatic has been out for months now and this is the first report of this issue thus far. But throu
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