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  1. i am going to post up in facebook and you tube letting everybody i can know how you are refusing to refund my $50.00. it was $100.00 that you owe me. you only returned $50.00. and you refuse to reply to the 35 emails i sent you. probably have a block on me. that's ok. i know you people are nothing but a bunch of theiving scumbags.
  2. i tried to buy pcmatic and i accidentally bough two of the. i was told i was going to be refunded for both. the sales rep said she doesn't want my business. fine with me. one of the pcmatics was refunded to my credit card. what about my other 50 bucks. i emailed you over 35 times. how many more does it take? i would like my money back. [email protected]
  3. i accidentally bought two pc matics for $50.00 each. i was told they were going to refund me for both of them. $100.00. after over 30 emails that i sent them they refunded $50.00. the other $50.00 i guess they refuse. they won't email me back. how can i get my other $50.00 that they owe me. everything having to do with pcpitstop including pcmatic have been removed from my computer. help. Edward, PC Pitstop does not have any of your money. One order was refunded and one order was voided. If you contact your bank they can explain the process to you. I already explained to you what a voided charge is and that we will not be answering any more of your vulgar, profane, and abusive emails. The initial entries on your credit card account are a "pending hold" or "pre-authorization" that are the result of an order, not actual charges. No funds are transferred to PC Pitstop for at least 24 hours. The transactions first need to go to 'settlement', which can take 24 hours, then need to 'post' to the account, which can take another 24 hours, before any funds are transferred. No funds are transferred for an order that is refunded within the 24 hour period before settlement. This is known as voiding the charge. Pre-authorizations will expire of their own accord in a time frame set by your card processor. You can verify this information and also learn more about the differences between the items that show in online banking and the items that show in an actual statement of account by contacting your bank card account representative to verify this information. Since the first charge was refunded on the same day the order was made, the transaction was voided before settlement was made and any funds were transferred. No money was received by PC Pitstop for the order on 4/30/2010. There will not be a credit showing to your account for the first charge, only the second, and the pending charge will disappear after a few days. Pre-authorizations expire in a timeframe determined by the card issuer, but generally do not last more than 72 business hours. I would suggest that you check with your bank to verify this information.
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