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  1. Yes IntelGuy clarified that for me. we do the same with our software just different format You obviously misunderstood my PERSONAL response to IntelGuy it's about "life after death" We appear to be brothers in the spiritual sense Yes you did refund my money but no apology from you even now for your rude treatment of a paying customer. What this post has become because of you Rob is the platform to take you to task for your arrogant attitude towards customers and your useless attempts to insult them.Instead of owning your wrong. I will not need your assistance as i will not use your products anymore.You need to get back to PCMATIC and fix ALL the Issues it has Hopefully others that read this will learn how to handle customers better by seeing how you have done it all wrong You seem to have forgotten if you ever knew that one person can bring down an empire.
  2. Thanks for the clarification on that. However some of the stuff comes from CA and I'm sure others under some sort of value added program which is fine just like it to be up front. You take care and remember: Shrewd as snakes,harmless as doves
  3. I'm glad to hear that you are not. But it is an affiliate link so I guess Pcpitstop is actually selling someone else's software probably as a value added partner.The web we weave i had no clue To you IntelGuy personally : 3 John 1:2 I will see you in the future
  4. Either you or you had someone else do it and it lasted for a week.Forums were not down and were easily accessed from another location. For your information we happen to be in the computer business.Have several pieces of software which we developed and a very good client base of about 200,000. From My e-mail to you on 5/14/2010: "Who is this I'm communicating with ? Is this Rob? I have more issues to report but I want to know who I'm talking to. I have MORE issues apparently caused by PCMATIC on another system (XP3)." The software did not revert back system restore until it first wiped out any restore points And also it caused the service to be suspended until someone figures out that's what has happened there is nothing to indicate a problem. Not a boxing match at all just injecting some humor into the issues Isn't that why you have emoticons ? If i posted your e-mail responses to me i believe it would show a different side of your ego.
  5. IntelGuy, I have no problem with you. I realize you are just trying to do your job. This issue has to do with Rob and his way of twisting the truth.By the way one thing Rob leaves out is that i told him about other issues besides reg files. I pointed this out to you just to show that you too are aware of issues with the software. I do have a question though i noticed in that post that you gave a link for download and it appeared to be an affiliate link so you get paid to sell the software ? If this is so then talk about deception you promote something to get paid and how could anyone rely on your input? That's like so many tech reviewers on the web that review only the stuff they get affiliate commissions for. What is wrong with this picture. Be honest is this how it works with you and Pcpitstop?
  6. Here we go again blame it on CA. Rob we both know that it would not be too big a deal to create a log file that keeps track of everything the software installs and where it installs.Then on uninstall easy to remove. As you say top product "Revo" can do it without erasing the entire "c" drive This log could also be set to only uninstall your stuff and leave anything else. You still have not addressed your treatment of me ( a paying customer) and my concerns openly in this forum. Why would you cut off my access to the forums when i tried to help others? Where did you POST a warning to XP users so they would not have problems ? From your e-mail here's the qoute: Why would you not tell your customers?
  7. Grab only part of the qoute.. The whole qoute was that IntelGuy acted like this was not a problem.But yet posted of a similiar one in the forums. Let's keep it real fellas. Blame it on CA and take ALL the heat off of yourself that's original too. Do you want to have a complete effective piece of software or not? If so then you should be thinking of these things before they become problems for which customers who are not as knowledgable as you guys trust you to do. Nothing worse than using someone's software and it screws everything up. A friendly piece of advice which another poster here tried to give you. NEVER attack a customer in public.This will be the "kiss of death for your software" With the internet capabilities bad news travels faster than good. Now i have to get back to my beer and you need to get back to that busy schedule of programming.
  8. From Your E-mail to me Rob: "I have just done some more digging around and was able to reproduce this problem on one of my own test machines so the procmon and registry info wont be needed.(this customer was going to great links to help you resolve the issue) The problem is worse than I hoped (it is affecting more xp users than I thought) and I will probably remove the system restore tip altogether for xp until I get the problem resolved. Manually setting the system restore size to 1024 (which is what we recommend) or as close as you can get since it works by % not mb, using the windows system restore interface would be the best way to make sure your system is configured the way that pcmatic was trying to configure it." You think System Restore is a waste of time but you think PcMatic's restore will correct any issues caused. As i told you before what a joke.Don't rely on Windows Restore but Completely rely on Yours. Funny how when i posted the issue here to begin with your response was to cut off my forum access. This is out in the open to you? Your time is more valuable than mine? It took 2 days to correct my systems after removing your software.We run several businesses and have a full schedule that is why i choose to use software that gets the job done,unfortunately your new PCMATIC has issues. Customer service by cuttin off my access to the forum thread i started to warn others so they would not have the same issues. Where did you POST the problem for ALL XP users to see? Why would your team need to use another piece of software to remove your own? Shouldn't Pcpitstop be able to remove ALL the files it installs or creates when it is removed? Is not this one of your selling points that your software removes Reg and files that go nowhere? I think you got perturbed that this "novice" found issues with your coding. You Rob Admin Programmer have no clue
  9. I found this you posted elswhere on the forums so you are aware of at least one issue of files being left behind. WOW "Truth Huh" Your other post below: IntelGuy6:49pm Thu Dec 31 2009 Thank you for the additional information. Please try this: 1) uninstall PC Matic from the control panel add/remove programs 2) check the installed programs list for an entry called Exterminate3 (this entry does not say PC Pitstop in front of it so it'll appear in the list with the rest of the E's), remove the entry if it's there 3) manually go to c:\program files\pcpitstop and manually delete the PC Matic and Exterminate3 folders to make sure that all parts are removed (sometimes the malware piece, which is what's failing, leaves behind files and we want to make sure you get fresh copies) LEAVES BEHIND FILES GUESS WHAT IT STILL DOES 4) reinstall PC Matic from this link:( http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/get.asp?prd...ic&aff=0002 ) or our website and after installing verify that Exterminate3 is back in the add/remove program list 5) open PC Matic and go to the options and verify that the malware scan is on 6) do another scan and let us know if the issue is not resolved
  10. There is no name calling "on a personal level" just truth calling. Do tell us what software you used to check out your system for leftovers.XP's search feature does a great job of finding almost all of them on it's own. What this has turned into is the same it does everywhere else on Pcpitstop forums. If they don't like what you say then they cover it up and try to make you look like either the bad guy or like you don't know what you are talking about. Funny though searching the internet and the forums many people feel the same as i do and have stopped using Pcpitstop products I wonder how CA would look upon the e-mail exchanges i had with Rob and his lack of customer concern ? To you IntelGuy on a personal level I'm disappointed that you qoute scripture but do not adhere to it's instructions. We all will give an account one day "brother"
  11. It's amazing how everyone of you that respond work for Pcpitstop. No real honesty in the forums either. Sorry but i would not reinstall your software products on my systems. All one has to do is a full search of their system including "hidden files and folders" and you will see the stuff left behind by PcMatic.Which do not go away unless manually removed. The files are located in several places as you already know.This should concern most people.The average person that would use your software is not even aware that they are connected to your servers. Saying you can not reproduce the problem is a lie and only meant to deceive the public from the issues with your software. Rob tried that one on me to no avail. I'm surprised that you in particular would participate in this deception. 1 Cor.6:17, Deut.22:10
  12. That was not the only issue with your software as i pointed out to Rob. Also interesting to note that when i uninstalled your PCMATIC it left behind MANY reg entries and files on my system. I find it ironic that a piece of software that claims to fix this kind of stuff actually causes problems when uninstalled by NOT cleaning itself COMPLETELY off the system. Another thought if you are going to qoute scripture you first should use the authorized King James Version as the NASB and many others pervert the Word Of God. the correct qoute should have been: Titus 3:9 But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain (Old Testament Law that is) Please do yourself a favor and check out avpublishing.com to start.
  13. Just to let you all know immediately after I posted this thread Rob and his pals cut off my access to the forums. If i was such a novice i would not be here now posting my thoughts.It takes a bit more than blocking an IP. Amazingily stupid on his part to broadcast this as my only intent was to warn others that use XP there was a problem. PCMATIC has several bugs and people should know before they mess up their systems. I'm not a novice user and understand more than these posts imply. It appears that TX REDNECK works for Pcpitstop. I immediately ended my paying customer status. I've been a customer for 5+years and a paying one since early 07' Rest assured that this experience will damage the reputation of this company and I have since discovered that there are MANY dissatisfied customers out there posting their experience for ALL to see. I will NEVER use their software again. If this guy Rob worked for our company he would have lost his job immediately. For all you others out there don't let your programming arrogance get the best of you as it did with Rob.I think it him off that this "novice user" Discovered the BUG in his coding and he struck out like a child. To think we were about to sign up as resellers/affiliates and promote the software to our client base. Thanks Rob for showing me exactly who i was dealing with. Good Luck To the rest of you
  14. ALERT After the last week of continued issues on 5 machines running XP2 & XP3 I have been dealing with the creators of PCMATIC to try and figure out what is causing the issues. Today i received an e-mail from Pitstop crew telling me that the problem is much worse than anticipated.It took over a week to convince them there was an issue but finally after doing the research and testing along with the crew they now know it. Just yesterday i started experiencing more troubles with PCMATIC changes made to my Reg files after I hit Fix All. It has taken 2 days just to figure out how to fix the problems. as with most software out here one should proceed with caution until the bugs are worked out. Maybe you can afford to be the crash test dummy but most of us can't.
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