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  1. Yep, lots of information. But no useful instruction. Here is what is listed in this document on setting up an automated backup; Each synchronized pair of folders is memorized in a Job. Job also has a set of options that control various aspects of synchronization process. Each Job has a name that is requested when Job is created. When you start GoodSync for the first time, initial nameless job is created for you automatically. GoodSync memorizes list of Jobs and all their parameters per computer. Jobs can be created, deleted, renamed, analyzed and synced. All job commands are in the Job menu. To create a new Job, select Job -> New. To switch between Jobs, click Job tab. Analyze, Sync, and Stop button are related to the current Job. To delete a Job, select Job -> Delete. For GoodSync, backup is a regular synchronization that happens to be one-way. Only changed files and file deletions are propagated to backup folder. This is how you setup a backup: Create an empty backup destination folder. Backup destination folder must not be located on the same disk as source folder. It can be on removable disk (USB disk or portable hard drive) or another computer. Let GoodSync do the first backup by synchronizing backup source folder to backup destination folder. After that, whenever you want to backup, just sync backup source folder to backup destination folder. You can select multiple folders to backup or sync, starting with GoodSync ver 9. Multiple folder selection is turned into Filters that enforce copying only the selected folders. So to understand what the result of your multiple-folder selection is, look into what Sync Folders are and into Options -> Filters. (Does this last make sense to you? I couldn't make head nor tails of it. I put it down to having been written by somebody whose native language is not English.) OK. Just how does one proceed to set up an automatic backup of folders from my wife's computer to the external hard drive on my desktop? Well, to begin with, one has to set the originating folders in the laptop, in Windows, to Share -> Everyone (No mention of this in documentation, nor exactly how one goes about doing so.) Then one has to be aware that one cannot backup the entire Users folder. (Why? I have no idea. But again, this is undocumented). Furthermore, despite the instructions on backing up multiple files, one cannot back up two different folders in the same job ("because these are two different Shares"). Be nice if you were to tell me this, and that it is easily managed simply by creating multiple jobs, one for each folder. Now let's get down to the actual process of selecting files to be backed up. In truth, after countless hours of noodling around, creating and deleting jobs, I still do not fully understand how to do this. When one clicks on the Browse button, one gets a tree structure from which to choose, but this tree has a whole raft of files which do not appear in the Windows Explorer display. Excluding these files suddenly removes most of the files which one does want to backup. Leaving them in causes the software to throw multiple errors, (ascribed by the Help Desk to my "trying to backup the entire Users folder".) None of this process is documented, and no instructions are given as to just how to do the simplest setup. I will not belabour all the other barriers I encountered. Suffice it to say that the documentation is hopelessly inadequate, and the Help Desk personnel unable to explain what needs to be done. It took 20 email communications (no means of synchronous communication is provided), to get to this point. Getting to the point of a timed backup took a further 34 messages back and forth, and again the issues are undocumented, and the Help Desk are unable to either understand what the problems being experienced by the user are, nor to explain how to fix them. I think that an experenced IT person would probably be able to decipher the instructions, but a reasonably savvy amateur like me will struggle,and an average compute user like my wife would never get through it.
  2. I admit I did consider a number of times throwing in the towel. I persisted 1) because I could not find any other product which did what I wanted to do, (automatically backup my wifes laptop to the external hard drive on my desktop) and 2) after awhile it became a challenge to make the damn thing work. I did write to the head honcho at Siber telling him of the odessey, and my analysis of the roots of the problem.(Inadequate and/or absent documentation and help files, locking in to a single help desk person, who in my case clearly did not speak English as her first language.). He thanked me politely, but made no comment. Final evaluation of GoodSync - it does work as advertised. It is good product. But it is nowhere near as easy to use as they imply, the cheerful promotional video omits an enormous amount of essential detail, and ferreting out this detail is an incredibly painful process, as there are *no* help files, scant documentation, and a hoplessly dysfunctional help desk process involving asynchronous communication with an individual whose English is not always understandable.
  3. I periodically encounter issues with software vendors, or problems with the function of programs. It has always seemed to me that awareness of my experiences may assist others when they are looking at possible purchase. But I have never found any forum where these experiences can be posted. Would a category in this site fill that need? (My current issue was a painful odessey with GoodSync, a heavily promoted product from the makers of RoboForm. It took me a total of 54 asynchronous communications over a period of 3 weeks with a dysfunctional help desk to get the damn thing set up. If Siber Systems knew that this experience was being posted somewhere, it might give them more incentive to fix their documentation and help desk functionality. This would be good for Siber, and good for the potential purchasers.)
  4. Got it! Thanks very much. And that fixed the problem too.
  5. I am sorry. I am only marginally adept at roaming around in computers. Your kind direction to go to Programs and Services will undoubtedly work in XP. But Mr. Gates has changed his interface (again). I am running Win-7 and I cannot find the equivalent section in his new Control Panel.
  6. Closely related, but a little different: PC Pitstop "optimised" my remote VPN service (Aventail) and now I cannot use it at all. (It will not load from the "program" menu (says "The Aventail VPN Manager Servicer is not currently running", so cannot load.)) Looking in msconfig the tickbox opposite Aventail is still ticked, so it doesn't look as though clicking here will get my service back. Is there any way to retrieve my lost service short of reinstalling the whole thing? (And I am not sure I am able to do this without involving the IT department of the computer I am connecting to.)
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