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  1. Thanks much for the quick response; worked like a charm.
  2. I recently purchased PC-Matic, and installed it on the first of my computers. Once the registration/installation was complete, the main screen showed that TWO computers were already registered! One was the computer I had just installed on; but the other was an old computer on which I had run some pc pitstop (and possibly the free pc-matic) scans. We no longer have this computer (the hard drive eventually crashed). I tried clicking "remove" icon next to that computer name, but I'm afraid I'll lose that license (I need all 5 for my current computers). So first of all, why did that old computer automatically show up as one of my licensed computers when I installed PC-Matic for the first time on another unit? Second, how do I remove that computer without losing one of my licenses? Thanks so much for your help! Tracy
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