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  1. Thanks for telling us about that!
  2. the only thing ill install by M$ is driver updates. windows has a prob with me doin that but my puter is WAY happier! n i have NO PROBS, unlike the probs i had before, with all those patches n critical updates installed! my computer is happy not bein bogged down with that crap. n WHY is windows SO upset? it attempts to convince me i need them, n it makes it very difficult to get ONLY driver updates. but i dont n wont give in. i dont believe all that crap is even doing what it is supposed to. my 2 cents.
  3. I don't mind waiting I love my Spybot
  4. Mine freezes when attempting to download the blindman dummy update part. I'll just keep trying
  5. here's another free service, absolutely no limit on amount of space. and it allows offsite linking for avatars and whatever http://www.speedis.org/ but i think it said no porn, oh no, did i read that? geeze, what would i need it for then?
  6. There are also free picture hosting sites out there. http://www.snapfish.com http://members.villagephotos.com if you have a Yahoo acct, you can place pics there, too http://www.yahoo.com/ and one of my fave spots on the net! you can open a photo album and place your pics, here, too http://webshots.com
  7. This is incredibly helpful don't go to those sites
  8. I think common sense is the best way to avoid viruses, and many problems, and, of course, being careful what you do, or where you go online. But, for myself, I like knowing I have help. I have Norton's AV, Zonealarm(free), SpybotS&D, Adaware, Hijack This, and Swat-it. But taking care with your own actions is the best protection, but since I don't trust myself, I feel more secure with a little help from my friends
  9. FlashPeak Slimbrowser is cool. I always use Mozilla, but when I run into a site that won't display properly, I switch over to Slimbrowser. http://www.flashpeak.com/sbrowser/download.htm
  10. I love my MUSICMATCH! and I listen to music on my PC .... well, very nearly 24/7
  11. sorry, i looked to see if thread already, but musta missed it. course, you could stick a truck in my way, n i'd probly miss it.....
  12. yikes! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/artic...-2003Jun25.html
  13. Me found here http://moonstorm.org/darkcorners/id4.html YIKES! I just HEARD those comps break!
  14. This is probably unrelated and unhelpful, but have you downloaded and installed anything, recently? That happened to me when I attempted installing Norton's firewall. I ended up having to reformat. My comp just kept rebooting itself. I don't know a thing, though (aside from what I've learned here ) I will NEVER attempt installing Norton's firewall again! I love the utilities, but, I'm sticking with ZA's free firewall! Hope you can figure it out.
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