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  1. Thanks for your concern guys :beer: OcM will be back soon, we bought a new house and havn't had internet for a while, didn't even think about that bill
  2. No lol, I just heard some one not being able to run pc mark 04 at good overclocks so I was just wondering If you could, but you have answered my question now
  3. Nice clocks sho :beer: can you do pc mark 04 with these clocks?
  4. Thank you for picking me Big Chrome :beer: I broke of my pot on my card I should get it re soldered soon,so I will have a score up by the end of the week just as long as I don't stuff it
  5. Nice PI sho :beer: I know you just got it going on phase,but what is your best 3D stable so far?
  6. Sorry, I missed this,I'm always in for a little fun Intel 3.4EE x800xt w/c tec Single card 17480
  7. They have just started shipping them out, we will also be receiving one for review,so probably around a month before reviews start coming out
  8. No need to be sorry I've lost count how many ppl think my scores are bugged/cheated,I will be putting a 245w tec and chilled water on it soon and hope to get some of the records back that I lost IG that is awesome,I haven't really worked with AM3 with my xt pe, but I don't think I can do much better then what you have, congrats you really got that intel screaming now, I really want to go intel on my next update,BUT amd score at least 5% higher, wish I could afford both
  9. Crow it's not a bugged score, I have many scores around the same, I have proved many times that it is not bugged, you followed one of those threads Here is one with no Hyperthreading with all the numbers shown right
  10. Don't under estimate the good old 9800 pro 68.288
  11. That would be one sweet vapo I think around 3.5 3d stable will be the average with single phasechange,to get 3750 you would need -90 temps and a exceptional chip We will soon see I'm sure theres few members here that will get them
  12. From what i have seen, the last 5 drivers only 5.5s got released on a tuesday 5.1=01/17/05 Monday 5.2= 02/09/05 Wednesday 5.3= 03/09/05 Wednesday 5.4=04/07/05 Thursday 5.5= 05/17/05 Tuesday
  13. Yep there's a lot of technology that will be released this year,I'm amazed at the speed there doing it too,have you seen 4 cards in SLI? well it might be a possibility by this NEWS ARTICLE
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