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  1. You suggested: If you prefer your existing security suite, to uninstall PC Matic RT and end the messages, open PC Matic and click on Options>Add-Ons and under the Manage Active Malware Protection click on the red "Uninstall" button to uninstall the RT component and end the message. I tried that and it won't uninstall. Says some unins0000.dat file can't be found and gives me an error message. Now I can't even open PC Matic.
  2. I disagree with your last statement about there's "Nothing different" with the latest version. I too have recently received the AD Aware incompatibility alert, only after updating recently (about a month ago). And I get it on both computers. Previously, there was NO incompatibility alert and everything seemed to work just fine. I agree that if this is a limitation with PC Matic RT, IT SHOULD BE CLEARLY STATED SO, before one buys the program. Why can't you make them compatible? I've used more than one malware program for years. No single program that I've found catches them all.
  3. I am getting the same message about AdAware being incompatible with PC Matic. I've had ADAware installed for years and for the entire time I've had PC Matic, but only the last few weeks have I received this incompatibility message. What is the problem? Why can't it be compatible with ADAware? How do I resolve this without uninstalling either program? Right now, PC Matic won't even load.
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