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  1. How do I get more out of my processor and graphics card?

  2. Reasonably advanced user here looking to overclock my Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6700 @2.67 GHZ and possibly my graphics card. I've previously overclocked CPUs back in college with help from my Computer Science-major friends. Fast forward half a decade - I can clearly find the suggested modifications that need to be made anywhere on the "interwebs" but I have to admit the nVidia motherboard bios is throwing me for a loop. Hoping to find a rather advanced user to walk me through the Bios modifications. Custom built desktop that definitely can handle overclocking, so I'm hoping to maximize both CPU a
  3. Thank you for your suggestions and detailed questions. I would love to upgrade my computers to Windows 7 Professional; however, with 5 desktops and 2 notebooks, upgrading just one doesn't seem feasible at the moment. I'm very much intrigued by Windows 7's ability to utilize inactive computing power within a home network. Something I would find useful with 7 home computers. Also looking forward to Windows 7 Pro as to be able to finally access my 5 desktops from my notebooks with Remote Desktop. Nonetheless, I digress. Currently utilize two routers (opendns enabled) in my home, both WEP-sec
  4. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I have been considering this option. However, I am uncertain as to whether this will also affect custom registry modifications that I have made. Specifically, I have modified the registry to more efficiently utilize 4 gigs of a Ready Boost-enabled Flash Drive. Perhaps, you can confirm my suspicions that this procedure would nullify this and any other custom registry modifications? Again, thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Thank you for your suggestion. Regrettably, I have employed this option to the earliest restore point available (nearly three weeks) to no avail. It would appear that this problem occurred before said restore point and/or requires more direct action. I have researched all third party software that may interfere with Windows Firewall and Network Discovery, however, please note my notebook is running the same software (problem free) as it has been for the last year. This leads me to believe that I have inadvertently and unwittingly deleted these exceptions from my Windows Firewall by way of pr
  6. So, I've been able to access my home network from my notebook for some time (Window's Firewall intact) and seemingly out of the blue I am no longer able to enable the Network Discovery option on my Windows Vista Home Premium notebook without disabling the Windows Firewall. I've located the exceptions list in my notebook's Window's Firewall options and have discerned (my desktop has experienced no change and successfully accesses my notebook's network folders without disabling the firewall) that it is missing what appears to be the necessary exceptions in order to access network folders: Core
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