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  1. ok i got a new os disk and i switched out the dvd drives this seemed to work at first but now it freezes up half way through the setup. My hardrive light quits blinking and thats all there was. any other ideas??
  2. i did that and now it say \windows\system32\ntkrnlpa.exe 0x0000221 windows failed to load because the kernal is missing, or corrupt
  3. just a os disk that i bought it worked on my laptop
  4. even though its a brandnew drive?? will the program run if it doesnt have windows yet?
  5. yes i cant figure it out for anything. i thought of that and i used another one and it still didnt work
  6. my hard drive quit working so i got a new one and installed it. Now when i put the install disk in it starts then it goes to a black screen with this displayed \windows\syatem32\drivers\tcpip.sys 0x0000221 windows failed to load because a critical syatem driver is missing, or corrupt i already made the cdrom drive as the first thing to load from please help
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