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    intel i5 prossesor windows 7 Pro 4 GIG momory Nvidia 9400 1Tbit HD
  1. When I check the property it gives me an error: Error 1060 the specified service does not exist as an installed service. KAHN
  2. MY SUPER SHIELD TURNS IT'S SELF OFF EVERY DAY, I HAVE TO DELET IT AND THE DAT FILE THEN RE-START IT. I have talked to tech support they have advised deleting super shield and then the dat file and then re-loading super shield. this works for a day. I have 15 licenses and this is also happening on my wife's computer. I also am having trouble getting to the help desk to open my ticket, when I use the address they gave me it worked for several days but now the screen goes blank, the computer does not report it can't find the site it just stays blank, very strange. I would appreciate any help with this problem KAHN
  3. Supershield has stopped working on one of my 9 computers. This week I received an update for supershield and after I installed it one of the computer I am responsible for will not install Supershield. I have un-installed Supershield, this did not work, I un-installed PC-Matic, and re-installed everything still it will not work. The operating system is Vista. KAHN
  4. KAHN

    Super Shield

    I have been using Super Shield since may 2011 on ten different computers as my only virus protection software, and I am completely satisfied with the product. I eliminated Norton, Bitdefender, & Titanium, it is included in PCmatic which I also run on all ten computers. KAHN
  5. KAHN

    Super Shield

    HELLO intelGuy: I am now running “Super Shield” as my only virus software, I have 3 desktop computers, one with Bitdefender, and 2 with Norton, the one with Bitdefender contracted the “win 7” virus, I was so mad I decided to eliminate Bitdefender and use “Super Shield”, I had to re-load my system from an earlier disk image to eliminate it. I like the philosophy of “Super Shield”, If you study and know the genuine, you can always spot the counterfeit, it makes far more sense to only allow the good instead of trying to prevent the bad. I believe all antivirus software will have to go to the philosophy, the virus industry is growing exponentially, and it can only prevent the virus from running AGAIN, instead of just preventing it from running. QUESTION? Now will “Super Shield” prevent the “win 7” virus from running on my CPU? KAHN
  6. KAHN

    Super Shield

    I removed Nortons from my computer and let “Super shield” take over, windows reports that I have no virus protection, why not? ----- KAHN
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