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  1. I have opened a ticket and they have asked that I provide a "pcmatic-support.zip" file. I have tried to follow their instructions but cannot find the "options" button so that I can go to technical support and click the create a log button. I have searched for a means to develop this file they are requesting but cannot find anything. Your help would be deeply appreciated.
  2. 1) I have checked the Dell website for sound card/motherboard updates and there were none.2) I have not reinstalled the sound driver but will attempt to obtain and reinstall and will reply when done. 3) At first I thought it was triggered by the head phones and microphone I was using but further investigation revealed this not to be true. It will just quit working out of the clear blue. 4) Next time it happens I will go to the control panel>sound>sound devices and check to see if everything is alright. Thanks for the reply and I will keep digging and appreciated any and all help.
  3. I have a Dell Latitude E6400 which is running Windows 7 operating system. The laptop was bought with Windows Vista operating system and I switched to the current configuration of Windows 7. I am anal about running PC Matic and PC Optimizer to keep the computer running well. I have no problems with the computer except that it has a habit of losing sound and then I have to reboot to get sound back. This only started happening after the switch to Windows 7. I have checked all my drivers and they are up to date, I have looked on Windows to see if there is something there but can find nothing, and
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